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Tableware of poisonous pottery and porcelain recommends beware of a few substitu

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Recently, the country pledges check total bureau is announced, the product of pottery and porcelain of 60 kinds of daily expense that through be opposite 60 enterprises produce 10 provinces, municipality directly under the Central Government undertakes sampling investigating, sampling percent of pass is 78.3% , small business sampling percent of pass is only 63.6% . To this, the expert warns customer, if use rejected product for a long time, the lead that contains in the color of glaze of pottery and porcelain can chase advance gradually to enter human body through dining, cause lead poisoning, want careful alternative when purchasing dinner service of pottery and porcelain accordingly, if the condition allows, also can choose a few relevant substitute appropriately.
Pottery and porcelain " substitute "

Vitreous tableware

Vitreous tableware colour and lustre is settleclear bright, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, some massiness, some is deft, apply more in cup, compote kind. On vitreous tableware modelling give prize easily. Vitreous tableware is high temperature resistant, do not contain poisonous material, but erode because of what get water for a long time sometimes, the carbon dioxide reaction in the siliceous natrium in glass and air generates crystallization of white carbonic acid, it has to human body health damage, after waiting for basic material rinse with soap commonly can dot of take out mildew.

Market price case: 15 differ to hundreds of yuan

Woodiness tableware

Woodiness tableware or massiness, contracted, or of primitive simplicity, natural. Have very strong but sculpture sex, draw materials is convenient, and the noxiousness action that does not have chemical material. But their weakness is easier than other tableware pollution, mildewy. If be disinfected carelessly, easy cause alvine path infection.

Market price case: 10, 100 yuan differ

Stainless steel tableware

Have corrode of light and durable, wear-resisting the good point with not rusty, low price.

But stainless steel is You Tiege the minim tantalum such as alloy infiltration nickel, molybdenum, titanium is made, these microelement are harmful to human body, because of when this is used, wanting to notice, not long Cheng Fang salt, soy, vinegar. Also do not burn the Chinese traditional medicine that boil with stainless steel tableware. Market price case: 10, 30 yuan differ

High temperature resistant plastic tableware

The advantage is qualitative not easy and light, beautiful, broken.

Choose plastic tableware to want to note safe problem likewise, the chromatic design with its beautiful surface layer contains the harmful tantalum such as lead, cadmium, because this is plastic the diaphragm of tableware surface layer is very important, once lacerate, be about to change new dinner service. Market price case: 40 differ to hundreds of yuan
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