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Notice sanitation does not use alexipharmic wet towel to brush an eye directly

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Wet paper towel uses convenient clean and wholesome things as a kind, get the favour of increasing person. Antiseptic, of discharge makeup, infantile appropriative, female nurses... the product of all sorts of effect is more multifarious, attracting consumer choose and buy. So, is wet paper towel true can effective cleanness, antiseptic protect skin?

This year on May 1, national Ministry of Public Health comes on stage " manual of alexipharmic product label administers a standard " regulation: This day rises, the product such as towel of bumf, wet paper is packed must not tag again " disinfection " , " sterilization " wait for model of written characters. At this late hour, the case of towel of alexipharmic wet paper that sells fervently on market after all how?
Before the paper towel goods shelves that is in a few supermarkets of Shanghai, the reporter sees towel of a lot of wet paper already " disinfection " model of written characters changed " wholesome " , but still have mark of half the number " disinfection " model of written characters. Among them, "Towel of paper of disinfection of such-and-such sweethearts series " allege in the specification: "Contain natural and active antiseptic part, the antiseptic rate that waits to coccus of golden yellow grape is 99.9% ... " supermarket staff member expresses, compare with congener product photograph, disinfect wet paper towel to sell best really. A consumer that surnames a leaf tells a reporter, do not know " standard " come on stage, but his home is standing wet paper towel, have those who disinfect a function especially, the feeling is safer than other product.
China packs resource to use Dong Jinshi of expert of council vice director, environmental protection integratedly to point out, at present the towel of alexipharmic wet paper on the market is put in the problem of exaggerated effect really. Last year in July, shanghai quality technology supervises what the branch announces to detect the result shows, the percent of pass of products of 140 kinds of towel of one-time wet paper that are selectived examination is 82.1 % , the gross of fungus bacterium colony of some products exceeds national level unexpectedly 60 times. "Because consumer does not understand disinfection, antiseptic specific implication, the propagandist specification of the product produces misdirect very easily to them. The propagandist specification of the product produces misdirect very easily to them..
Generally speaking, towel of alexipharmic wet paper should be used without spin cloth to make material, to reduce cost, of family expenses of a lot of plants is cotton cloth or fiber however kind material, easy mildewy, degenerative, once be used by consumer, adverse to health. The part that in disinfecting wet paper towel partly, contains is harmful to human body also, for instance, chloric, bleaching powder, alcohol, can stimulate the skin, mucous membrane, eye; Use antiseptic for a long time, may cause osculatory sex dermatitis; Synthesize interfacial activator, can destroy protection film of cutaneous skin fat, let the skin become dry; Still have the silver that restrains bacterial breed, copper and inferior the flavor such as metal and the sulfur such as lead... " after a lot of people used wet paper towel, wash his hands no longer, take a thing to eat directly even, these chemical composition remain are on the hand, consequence makes a person anxious. " Director Dong says.
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