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Wash than the hand more He Ricai of the dishwasher that visit water can take a d

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If somebody quizs: "Mix with dishwasher wash a bowl with the hand, that more province water? " reckon many housewife meetings grab none hesitantly answer: "It is to use a hand of course. " wrong.

A newest research shows British scientist: Use dishwasher washs a bowl than using a hand not only more economy, more section water, perhaps can become resolve a worry a lot of areas are short of this country the tweak of water crisis. The expert says with tone of a kind of strong: The Englishman must change the traditional habit that use water. Investigate discovery, the family of nearly 30 % is using England now dishwasher, if this one word rises to 40 % , the whole nation everyday section water 75 million litres, can satisfy a medium-sized city with water.

However, serve as " deficient water big country " , how many family does China have to be in after all use dishwasher? Feel embarrassed, somebody ever had done estimation, domestic dishwasher is had rate it is only now 0. 025 % . Be in our country 1. In family of dweller of 600 million town, although every year only the family of 1 % buys dishwasher, its demand also is in year of market 1 million above. This figure is really so little that this figure have pity on. The first dishwasher of domestic is born at going up century 80 time, as a result of the demarcate of traditional idea, consumption level and understanding, up to now housewife of great majority China still is used to washing a bowl with the hand. Although go up century 90 time second half period domestic dishwasher industry is started formally already, but just arrived dishwasher market just appeared 1999 a favourable turn of a gleam of. Expert analysis, the main reason that dishwasher of block sluggish home walks into domesticity is: Above all, the structure of domestic dishwasher does not accord with national condition, follow overly foreign product. Because,this is, product line of domestic most dishwasher is introduced from abroad, and a few more Euramerican the dinner service that the country uses basically is given priority to with dish and compressed dishware, so dishwasher frame suits to install dish more and do not suit to put Chinese bowl.

And, foreign food is more delicate, with oil little, dish is cleaned easily, and every eat should use Chinese family the bowl with on a few differ size, tableware is fatter, and of dishwasher erode type loop current mixes the difficult sunken part of the bowl hard fat place is abluent. If cannot resolve consumer concern whether the problem that washs clean bowl, the step that dishwasher enters Chinese family is positive cannot smooth. In recent years, as a few home appliance large company enters dishwasher market, this one situation takes a favourable turn somewhat. When the manufacturing technology that introduces abroad, these manufacturer passed sufficient argumentation and research, redesigned the height of dishwasher according to the height of compatriots, undertook redesigning to bowl basket according to using bowl of more case, and tectonic to the product, function was done improve, make dishwasher more accord with Chinese family to use.
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