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" Forbes " : Contemporary kitchen most cruel 10 large kitchen utensils and appli

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The kitchen is not a place that needs too much science and technology. However, the kitchen of most nowadays family was become however the place with advanced most tool is put in the home, because everybody is experienced,perhaps be, preparative alimental fun no less than enjoying delicate itself. Resemble elegant tableware same, advanced kitchen utensils and appliances can let the days in the kitchen become relaxed and satisfied likewise. The United States is revealed to you below " Forbes " what the magazine chose recently is current most the 10 big kitchenware of cruel, they are sure can let you shine at the moment.
1, make coffee machine
Tassimo heats up beverage machine price: 170 dollars
Although can boil a cup only every time, but the sweet thick smell that assured coffee accordingly however. Machine of this kind of coffee still can be boiled make other hot drink, include Kabujinuo, hot chocolate and tea to wait. Tassimo control system is right of hot drink more or less to mix boil make temperature undertake self-adjusting, going to the lavatory of course should pay price, every cups price is equivalent to the coffee that machine of this kind of coffee boils 50 cent, although compare cafes inside some cheaper, but still be costlier than a few vintage coffee opportunity a lot of.
2, electromagnetism kitchen
Price of cooking range of Kupperbush induction electron: 3500 dollars
Will tell commonly, the position of electromagnetism kitchen is far be inferior to natural gas kitchen, because of electromagnetism kitchen heat rate is too slow, adjust temperature is very difficult also and slow. Nevertheless, a kind of new-style electromagnetism kitchen provided more more exceedingly good than natural gas kitchen function recently. Cooking range of this kind of induction uses magnetic field to create a kind of impedance in iron or stainless steel boiler, make him boiler is heated up immediately rise. And after boiler is put away, the hand surface of direct contact cooking range also won't feel to warm a hand.
3, cheese fountain
Lowest of fountain of Sephra chocolate cheese configures the price: 100 dollars
It is this is planted costly and decadent delicate and final the decline that caused ancient Rome empire and ruined. This kind of machine is OK " gush " piece fully what 6 pounds melt is sweet chocolate cheese, or flavoring of cheese, salad, call it so " fountain " beyond the mark not at all, take what food to touch a fountain at will genteel the chocolate that come down, bite, you also can be intoxicated in this inviting and delicate in.
4, ice-cream protector
Ice-cream protector
Some people very not self-conscious, they can wait for the ice-cream that you eat stealthily after you leave a kitchen, give you surplus only next empty case is there. Had this kind of password to lock up you to be able to end this to plant " grievance " , it can install the ice-cream box in one pint suitably, prevent others effectively to eat stealthily.
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