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Cook of mode of tradition of light-wave furnace breakthrough is simple relaxed

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Well-known, using gas furnace, boiler, Bao to cook food is need " practice hard exercise to benefit the internal organs " , want to had done a any dish to want to note the program of each loaded down with trivial details, hold " duration " . Control of the duration when the dish that boil has a bit inadvertent, the color of dish fizzles out with respect to meeting hair, flavour also becomes not delicious. Because this needs skill, also need discretion, otherwise everybody is OK " enter kitchen, give the hall that get office " .
Do not be willing to be " a day of 3 eat " bother, do not think patronage disagreement appetite again " snack " , does the world where have so big " pasty " ?
And the birth of light-wave furnace, gave us a kind " the Cenozoic Era " choice. Light-wave furnace is microwave oven " upgrade " make, function and heat cook function had new breakthrough! Because light-wave furnace broke through pattern of traditional cook of loaded down with trivial details, let cook become extremely relaxed, no matter be,child or old person can be operated easily. Need to press twist gently only, intelligence is started from traverse foreword, TV can watch during, hear music, the thing that does oneself goes.
And, as " one key is connected " , " flat light-wave " , " vapour light-wave " wait for new-style light-wave furnace come out, more those who invite trouble " a day of 3 eat " become more relaxed and happy!