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The hutch of liquid crystal TV is defended new feudal

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Where is the TV of your home put? If you reply " sitting room and bedroom " , that explains you are moss-grown! The figure as TV is slimmer and slimmer, the airframe with small a rope for towing a boat makes TV " fly " went up dining-room, kitchen even the metope of toilet. Might as well the consideration spends 3000 two money to buy TV of liquid crystal of a small size, develop an imagination, of reorder TV put the position, implementation passes in any corners in the home sufficient " TV addiction " .

New feudal one of kitchens

For the person that fries a meal to can making an egg only more very much, a liquid crystal TV that contains DVD function is installed in the kitchen, can look at at the same time teach the smooth plate that makes all sorts of cooked food, undertake was operatinged actually at the same time. From the kitchen when you end gives the delicate cate that expect of your daughter person is less than, can give him certainly (she) a very big surprise.

Do not cross the dirt in the kitchen, lampblack even the bacterium is inevitable, the humidity of the kitchen can cause loss to the circuit element of the television. What should notice to maintain liquid crystal TV daily so is dry degree, often open smoke lampblack machine to change take a breath to the kitchen. Additional, if screen became dirty, can use small wet soft cloth is wiped gently, water cannot pass much, had better use professional clear lotion. If there was fog on liquid crystal screen, should use soft cloth in time to obliterate its gently, ability switchs on the mobile phone. Had these preparation, because,you also need not worry again " enter kitchen " and miss those wonderful programs.

- recommend a product

20PF5120/93 of flying benefit riverside

Market reference price: 3990 yuan

This 20 inches liquid crystal TV used flying benefit riverside technology of clear of brilliant of the 3rd acting number, mix closely through resembling element adding the indication effect that optimizes algorithm to improve common signal to go up in high resolution screen, make a picture clearer, natural. In addition it still has automatic color of skin corrective function, next 3/2-2/2 is mobile pulling wait for image to handle a technology, the film effect of accurate and reductive DVD; Have fictitious surround system of stereo of phonic effect, odd track; Own port of computer of D-Sub of YpbPr DVD heft, 15 needles, × of compatible and highest 1024 768, 60HZ computer input and DVI-I number are high-definition interface, satisfy your use need adequately.

New feudal dining-room

A lot of people have this kind to experience: Get up everyday when have breakfast or next having dinner, as it happens is the time that broadcasts news. You do not consider information age miss any news, choosing exclusively at this moment can be only: Run to the sitting room to open TV, sit in dining-room to have a meal to hear news at the same time at the same time next, hear crucial part to must put down rice bowl to run to the sitting room to watch TV.
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