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Home near two becoming stainless steel dinner service is Xiamen is made

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Of countrywide only " center of tableware of Chinese stainless steel " settle Xiamen, concerned personage says, if mansion look forward to can hold a group in the arms to make the world, industry foreground perfectly
"Two spoon want at least commonly when we have chaffy dish, a spoon is strainer only. You see this spoon that I design, right deviation is strainer 15 degrees, left 15 degrees can hit boiling water again. Have chaffy dish with this, a spoon is enough. " Xiamen Qing Hong is industrial the new originality that the general manager Huang Qingjie of limited company revealed him to the reporter a few days ago.
Stainless steel tableware and our life be closely bound up, but you may not know, stainless steel tableware of the whole nation has two to become out Xiamen about, and, xiamen builds tableware to be even in further limits " aroma " far sow.
Hua Dongchao city takes 7 component specified amount
Small penknife fork is creating many wealth for Xiamen. In the impression of many people, of stainless steel tableware " town of military importance " it is Guangzhou, Dongguan is taken, actually the company of production of stainless steel tableware of Xiamen city is in stealthily " grown " .
Xiamen Qing Hong is among them large family. Huang Qingjie says, the stainless steel dinner service that they produce, kitchen utensils and appliances, cutting tool has 120 in all a variety of, crop exceeded 138 million last year. The share of 18% is owned in countrywide market. "My ' chef head ' the label can be found in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Sichuan. Current, our product has entered many 300 large supermarket of domestic to reach sell. ' chef head ' Zhan Huadong 70% of total sales of the stainless steel tableware of each bazaar, kitchen utensils and appliances, amount to inside the Fujian Province 80% . " additional, of countrywide only " center of tableware of Chinese stainless steel " formal also settle this company, the technology of metals of Chinese daily expense that belongs to by following of science and technology develops a center to award this name.
Mansion look forward to establishs occupation standard
Competition of stainless steel industry is intense, leave the price war that has a large number of miniature companies, have on " double establish a person " wait for international brand, where is the vivosphere of Xiamen enterprise? Huang Qingjie says, unique skill is research and development, the cutting tool of tableware kitchen utensils and appliances that its develop wins patent had had 9, additionally still ten had been in among application. 2003 during SARS, qing Hong company designs " the assistant that distribute food " series suit tableware is very popular, the market is had rate is rapid climb litre.
Because ability of research and development is affirmed by industry, current, qing Hong company suffers federation of Chinese light industry to appoint, QB/T2174 of occupation standard of stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances is in charge of solely in the whole nation, of 95 edit. "We had drafted a plan, will hold countrywide expert in November authorized meeting. " Huang Qingjie says, such, xiamen enterprise still can win promotion again in stainless steel industry.
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