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Cheap useless plastic shake the body changes the tableware that cause cancer

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"This profit is very small, raw material is again bit more expensive, everybody played in vain. " yesterday, a personage of industry of production of one-time plastic tableware opened one-time plastic tableware to produce a few alleged secrets of the industry to the reporter. He expresses, be these " secret " in just bringing about what one-time plastic tableware concerns a section in the country to detect, close half the number is unqualified. The personage inside course of study: Cheap abandon old plastic it is chief culprit

Abandon old plastic be reclaimed -- treatment becomes new plastic producer goods -- low sale produces a business to plastic tableware -- this kind of raw material machines enterprise reoccupy to sell consumer hand into new plastic dinner service in -- tableware encounters high temperature or grease decomposes a chemistry that causes cancer material -- follow food.

Introduce according to this personage inside course of study, the manufacturing process of one-time plastic tableware is not complex, almost every city has a certain quantity of one-time tableware to produce a business, raw material treatment becomes grain, undertake burden, fuse next, blow the craft such as form, one-time plastic tableware is accused finish.

According to national regulation, useless old plastic and OK manufacturing product includes: Pack with building materials of fire prevention of tray, heat preservation, blow film to make bag and agent sticking gum is waited a moment, but do not include plastic dinnerware absolutely. Nevertheless, this personage inside course of study expresses, competition is too intense really, if company of production of one-time plastic tableware misses profit, must reduce cost, the directest, most a means of save labour is used namely useless old plastic the raw material that makes.

Conveniently of this personage inside course of study took a common transparent polybag, very affirmative ground tells a reporter, the enterprise that this is manual mill type is used useless old plastic after adding certain proportional raw material, produce. Of inferior value, with useless old plastic the raw material that makes often gets the favour of these small mill, "So, unqualified proportion is larger very normal also " .

He points to " unqualified " a document that the center of product quality supervision and inspection of national environmental protection that is subordinate of total bureau of national qualitative check sends this year, in this portion name is " one-time meal is provided, food wraps bagging / velar product situation is reported " in the file, leaked a breathtaking information: "Provided the state that have to supervise to one-time meal 2002 selective examination, sampling percent of pass is 52% ; The state that have was provided to supervise to one-time meal in Heibei province 2003 selective examination, sampling percent of pass is 43% ; Industrial and commercial bureau combined Beijing 2004 syndicate of tableware of Beijing environmental protection selectives examination to what Beijing market undertakes, sampling percent of pass is 40% . Sampling percent of pass is 40% ..

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