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3 inferior in carrying out tableware collect, 380 ℃ high temperature disinfects

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On August 19, 2006, in 3 clean meal appliance disinfects Yakangmei center, workers are waiting for communal meal appliance to undertake high temperature of automation line batch is disinfected to bowl chopsticks spoon, the bowl after subsequently these are disinfected through 380 ℃ high temperature is provided will be sent toward 3 inferior meal market, offer customer. This is 3 inferior city disinfects percent of pass with what provide to raise communal meal, let broad consumer be used " be at ease bowl " , prevent the happening of alvine path contagion and transmission, and the meal appliance that carry out centers type to disinfect. As we have learned, in tableware from 3 inferior after carry back of each meal inn disinfects a center, classics is thick wash, essence of life is washed, disinfection of high temperature of catharsis of high-pressured high temperature, far infrared ray and vacuum-packed after waiting for working procedure to disinfect, offer consumer to use, at present the whole nation already had 30 provinces city to carry out this kind of tableware to center type to disinfect the job.

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