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Use tableware wants metal of caution of careful and beautiful tableware to excee

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Common saying says " get ill by the mouth " , modern takes seriously more and more to dietetic hygiene. But people often notices whether food is whether clean sanitation, right only healthy and harmful, and oversight outfit fill alimental tableware the influence to the body. Concerned investigation shows, the material of tableware is qualitative unqualified, use undeserved metropolis to endanger human body health. The expert reminds, use tableware ten million wants discretion.
   The tantalum in careful pottery and porcelain

Bright and beautiful of exquisite and diversity of modelling of tableware of pottery and porcelain, smooth, colour and facilitate clean, it is the first selection that great majority family purchases dinner service. But, apparently colour glair makes ceramics likely however healthy killer. The lead in colour glair, mercuric, radium, cadmium is insalubrious element. Radioelement radium can kill and wound leucocyte. Cadmium, lead and mercury are heavy metal, cadmium and lead can cause liver or other and splanchnic toxic, mercuric meeting causes sclerosis of liver, kidney. When using product of unqualified pottery and porcelain, meeting dissolve gives these harmful substance, enter human body as food, time grows, can cause chronic and toxic. In the meantime, the clay of the pottery and porcelain that make also wants to notice, inferior clay is contained microbial with harmful material more, although do not go up,colour glair also can damage human body health. Because the norms of this product and quality are attached most importance to especially,want, the porcelain of glazed colored pottery that amounts to mark does not have a harm basically to human body, and do not have dinner service of china of ancient painted pottery neatly to be health possibly however to bury next hidden trouble it seems that.

Director Dong Jinshi of syndicate of tableware of Beijing environmental protection warns customer, when buy and using dinner service of pottery and porcelain, want to notice the following: One, buy tableware of pottery and porcelain to must choose normal market, must not anxious to get things on the cheap buys the inferior product that did not produce manufacturer formally. National regulation, park of tableware of pottery and porcelain immerse in the acetic acid of 4% , plumbic dissolve gives a quantity to must not be more than 7 milligram / litre, the dissolve of cadmium gives a quantity to must not be more than 0.5 milligram / litre. At present the product of normal manufacturer home can accord with this one requirement basically. 2, the quality that when buying, should notice to see dinner service, touch tableware face with the hand, see wall bright and clean. 3, with nose smell, look to whether have peculiar smell. 4, on 5 minutes boil tableware with boiling water before use, perhaps use feed vinegar to immerse 2, 3 minutes, the toxicant that in giving dinner service with dissolve, contains is qualitative.
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