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Tableware disinfects a standard to publish market of good development meal

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Equipment of business of tableware of disinfection of Wuhan city share is pallet, wholesome after the current situation of state can care, city sanitation supervises a relevant controller to express, will perfect industry standard as soon as possible, strengthen the market to superintend, help this anew promote industry health to develop.

Announce industry standard plan next week

"This year first half of the year, whole town has the alexipharmic tableware company of wholesome licence to achieve 14, still on 10 family members do not have card mill, this number still is rising. " city gives birth to supervisory place yesterday of state of Lizhi of 3 divisions section chief introduces when accepting a reporter to interview, these enterprise the good and bad are intermingled, some are cleaned without basic machine even, alexipharmic automation line. Li Zhiguo expresses, they will be concerned at announcing next week how the plan of industry of normative tableware disinfection, the alexipharmic tableware company that asks to have not reach hardware or wholesome level at " 11 " before rectify and reform reach the designated position. As we have learned, door of Ministry of Public Health is opposite at present these products that sterilize tableware company have sampling observation, check a result also will at be being announced next week.

Yuan Chen proposal improves service quality

Wuhan city disinfects company of Yuan Chen of tableware industry big boss to issue a proposal: The business is rigid technological process, improve product quality and service quality, changeless photograph depreciates, develop blank spot hard, make the trade jointly do greatly strong. According to introducing, this company machines a cost that disinfects tableware to be controlled in 0.6 yuan at present, and because manufacturing cost is inferior,some travel together, carry product of depress price dumping.

Advocate physics to clean disinfection

"The state is current although not mandatory company of requirement disinfection tableware must not make chemically is cleaned, disinfection, but still advocate adopt physics to clean, alexipharmic law. " Introduction Li Zhiguo, chemical disinfection is to pass the clear lotion, essence that wash clean to wait for tableware of chemical article cleanness, remain of the hard to avoid on tableware is harmful and chemical material; And physical disinfection is to use the high temperature such as steam, infrared ray to disinfect a law, can ensure tableware is wholesome more. As we have learned, in the alexipharmic tableware company of whole town, divide Yuan Chen at present, fine ancestor wait for a few enterprise to adopt physics to clean, disinfection, majority still is using artificial operation.

Most probably meal market was not developed
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