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Cutting tool tableware becomes get twice the result with half the effort of have

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In kitchen and dining-room in decorating, should notice " small part have sth in mind " . In dining-room and kitchen, have many sundry small ornamental and the articles for use such as all sorts of cutting tool, tableware. If had used these things, the adornment effect of the room but " get twice the result with half the effort " . Common adornment method has 3 kinds:

"Uniform standard " :

Namely all adornment material, decorations and furniture use same color strictly. This kind of technique gives big effect more easily, but let a person easily feel drab.

"Foil law " :

Be indoor and all things is tonal the color that uses same quality to fasten. This kind of practice is used at present more, also be one of skill that give the effect the most easily.

"Antitheses " :

This kind of method uses the contrast between colour namely, if be in the environment of light color,the ornament compares gorgeous adornment. "Antitheses " most those who abstain from is " ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous " , repeat use.

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