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Take lunch fashionable white-collar to encircle fashionable messtin sell like ho

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Go out repast too bask in be unable to stand to queue up to wait time-consuming

Outside allowing, sell, box meal taste is dissatisfactory

"I bring lunch oneself today, green vegetables, tomato fries beef of egg, wax gourd, potato, rich. Oneself do oh. Ha, want dribble. " netizen Ariel wrote down the first day to join on the net yesterday " head group of lunch greater part oneself " the excited mood when.

The reporter investigates discovery, because a few companies limit lunch time strictly, sell outside, outside the meal of dining-room shoulds not again taste, add God gas is burning hot wait for a reason, lunch white-collar team is led oneself on Shanghai ceaseless enlarge look. Among them Jiangsu road, Yan'an on the west inside the building of a business affairs of crossing, an enterprise takes lunch number to already exceeded half the number actually oneself in nearly 200 employee.

Oneself start work cook enjoy warmth

Mr Lin v/arc be on the throne at Jiangsu road, Yan'an on the west of crossing China quick · writings brush honour the company of products of an eider down in building of international business affairs works, took lunch to had become his one great pleasure oneself nowadays, and eat midday on a meal that oneself do also became a kind to enjoy.

"Although I am the same as with parents, but lunch is he starts work do, did not feel troublesome. " lone Mr Lin tells a reporter, in their company, many men bring lunch oneself, everybody very enjoy the sweet feeling that takes course of the daily life of a family.

It is reported, be in company of products of this eider down, there has been half person to bring lunch oneself in nearly 200 employee in all.

Colleague Miss Yao of Mr Lin also brings lunch oneself. Everyday, she is carrying bag of a paper to go to work, contain inside her lunch. The period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. is divided in, miss Yao is put into microwave oven to heat with respect to the lunch that takes out area from freezer. Not a little while, the loose rice in messtin, goluptious green vegetables and a braise in soy sauce are big with respect to trail inviting fragrance. Microwave oven is given out " bite " later, miss Yao enjoys a goluptious lunch to come slowly in the office that opens sufficient air conditioning.

Some are stemmed from liking more is helpless

The white-collar brings lunch oneself is to stem from a little like, more it is to stem from but.

The young lady withers to mention in what the class upstairs writes on sea route of the Huaihe River everyday lunch cannot help sighing: "Controlled at 12 o'clock midday, full ave is a knot group those who forage ' essence of bones of the dead ' . The person does not say more, the quality of meal also is like person meaning very much sometimes. Remember once good go all out not easily kill a meal of a pork chop, be full of expect the ground bites on one, did not expect that pork chop can have thrown yellow Pu Jiang forcedly. " of toothache, thank a young lady painful be determined, oneself take a meal to go to work.
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