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The kitchen cooking stove that little skill teachs you to discriminate has stand

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Since the city in large-scale use since burning gas, from kitchen of table of first simple eye, double eye, to nowadays " bury into " in ambry mesa embedded kitchen is provided, kitchen burning gas has experience change for many times.

Say further, present embedded kitchen provides divide again for " aspirant wind " and " issue wind " two kinds big: Issueing wind to light gas cooking stove is in the dibble on mesa, will whole gas burner puts hutch cabinet inside, make kitchen scale and hutch ark mesa are on one plane, support combustion to assure oxygen is enough, constant need opens a few air admission hole on bottom ark door plank; And aspirant wind lights gas cooking stove is sunken form of make it of hutch bar face, after built-in gas burner, air is the upper part from gas burner is flowed into, combustion burning gas is sufficient, more safe and energy-saving. Accordingly, the kitchen range burning gas that aspirant wind designs is making market main trend stage by stage.

Fry to get used to conflagration to explode, the requirement of Chinese style cooking of soup of slow fire Bao, kitchen burning gas has 2~4 commonly flame. The circle giving ammunition of flame is counted with only link, double-loop, 3 annulus most common, number of pen giving ammunition is more, firepower is fiercer. On means of strike a light, homebred kitchen is provided basically use batteries strike a light, importing kitchen to provide is the alternating current strike a light of all of one suit.

Actually, still saying present the top of a kitchen range to light gas cooking stove can be to plant only " narrow " make a way, because of confluence of kitchen burning gas and electromagnetism furnace advantage " gas electricity is amphibious double can kitchen " had come out. Double can the tie-in pattern with the most familiar kitchen is " furnace of electromagnetism of + of kitchen burning gas " , " Tao Lu of report of + of kitchen burning gas " , its price nature should compare sheet can kitchen is expensive. Double can kitchen has the 3~6 such as electromagnetism flame, conflagration flame, small fire flame commonly flame, electromagnetism flame is used at egg of decoct of warm milk, pan, flame burning gas uses boil to fry decoct blast. Additional, a few kitchen are provided still deserve to electric iron plate is burned, the barbecue that can satisfy you needs.

And on the choice that pledges in face plate material more high-grade also, practical, the material such as stainless steel, pottery and porcelain, toughened glass is used extensively. Especially the face plate of drawing of a few whole, added furnace head to use aspirant wind design and whole sealing base, can make face plate complete close, can fall into kitchen in order to avoid soup water to provide interior from face plate so, form security of pollution, influence.

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