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Western tableware history word

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In tableware no matter be small knife, broach, spoon or dish, be a hand is outspread, for example dish, the amplification that it is whole palm and outspread; And broach is the finger that represented whole hand to go up more. Because civilization progresses, a lot of this progressively like the tableware of form amalgamative simplification, for example, remain chopstick and spoon only finally in China. Still have small small dish sometimes. And in the west, till now, still placed the tableware of full desk when dine, for example the broach that the serving dish, small plate, shallow dish, deep dish, broach that eats salad to use, forked flesh uses, spoon that drinks Shang Yong, spoon that eats a desert to use. The specification is on dietary culture, the west starts not only later, progress is very slow also.

It is about before 13 centuries, european still use finger completely when having a thing. When use finger takes food, still have certain rule: Roman distinguishs with coming with the amount of finger the identity, civilian is the five fingers falls together, cultured noble uses 3 finger only, ring finger and little finger are to cannot touch alimental. This dines regulation continues to 16 centuries all the time, still pursue for European place.

Broach: The area of Italian tower Si Ka that appears the earliest in 11 centuries into the broach of edible, have two forked a tooth-like part of anything only. The clergy at that time is not had to broach reputably, they think the mankind can touch the food that touchs sacred place bestow only with the hand. The person creates rich Dasikani tableware is to get the temptation of Satan, it is the behavior of a kind of profanatory deities. Account of Italian historical data: A Venice duty put in a person 's charge after dining with broach, inside several days gone, actually probable it is infection is pestilential and gone; And clergy says, she is to suffer day Qian, warn everybody not to have a thing with broach.

12 centuries, the archbishop of bank spy count of England gives full case Lu Yisa to overcome the people of abdicate kingdom broach introduction, allegedly, nobles do not like to dine with broach at that time, but often take broach in the hand however. Regard as the weapon of duel. To the full case of 14 centuries Lu Yisa captures abdicate person for, broach still is exotic only, have 7 fork that make with gold, silver like Edward generation.

The much at that time is European, like to be cut with hilt food agglomerate, capture with finger next put into the mouth; If a man uses broach to take food, that expresses, if he is not a captious ghost, it is " sissy " .

18 centuries France erupts because of revolutionary war, because French noble favores the broach that ages with 4 fork to dine, this kind " the use person of broach " implicit the implied meaning, can mix almost " extraordinary " the equality sign on meaning picture. Then broach became position, extravagant, cultured to symbolize, become necessary dinner service gradually subsequently.

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