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Food packs polybag of admittance of field of will solid quotations to wait shoul

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The food of about 60% packs our country material has safe hidden trouble! The analytic data that comes from China to pack resource to use committee expert integratedly makes a person shocking. The reporter pledged from Jiangsu province inspect bureau learns yesterday, qualitative check total bureau will start 39 kinds of food to use at the near future plastic pack, the market admittance system of the goods such as container and tool, first including should stick " QS " of the mark is to last the bag of film, plastic bucket, food that pack, feeder be produced 39 kinds with food and the main product closely related people life.

The inferior material that pack is become " killer "
Long-term since people thinks generally, food safety problem basically depends on food itself, but actually inferior food packs material to also hide " kill machine " . Bureau of province qualitative inspect and say: Gansu Province produces potato piece food factory discovers potato accidentally piece in benzene content exceeds bid badly, and the food that exceeded the reason of mark to use benzene to exceed bid namely wraps bagging. Personnel of qualitative prison customs officer is received after informing against, produce to 7 instantly compound model the enterprise of plastic color print of the food film that pack had spot check, the result has remain of 5 benzene be givinged by check to exceed bid in 7 sample, among them the most serious is the bag of a milk powder that pack, benzene content exceeds national level decuple much, if throw production, be equivalent to installing milk powder into the virulent pocket that causes cancer badly.

The reporter interviewed 10 passerby that buy thin pancake made of millet flour and cooked glutinous rice pounded into paste randomly in street yesterday morning, 8 express to never had wanted to wrap food of thin pancake made of millet flour to wrap bagging to also can have a problem, only two express to smell sometimes the plastic flavour of a few inferior bag bagging will be a little afraid.

Do not get without aptitude from course of study
Food is packed, the manufacturing condition with the control certain need of poisonous and harmful material in the product such as container. It is with the control of benzene content exemple, the company with bigger dimensions is high speed of have the aid of pressworks normally equipment and the powerful remain that send the system that discharge wind to reduce benzene, but such equipment wants ability of millions of very consummate ten million to deploy on. And the small business with relatively pallet equipment besides a fan increases in the workshop, can lean in high temperature only ripe change a workshop in roast the remain that will reduce benzene, what cannot make sure benzene remains at all is controallable quality. Should from go up at all solve a problem, must mix from the manufacturing qualification of the enterprise conditional proceed with, the company that altogethers not to have aptitude is same must not be engaged in food container manufacturing management activity.
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