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Fine choose plastic dinner service careful with paint chopstick

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Quality technology supervised a branch to undertake supervisory checking to tableware. The result makes clear, although breed of food dinner service is various, quality however the good and bad are intermingled, on the market a few products are existing insecure hidden trouble, after be being used if the choose and buy is inadvertent for a long time, can cause tremendous menace to human body health, be a standard " invisible killer " .

Current, food is full-dress in things, polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene is plastic goods is safety. Reworked plastics or those who add brunet pigment is plastic reach blame food to use plastic, cannot use Yu Chengfang absolutely or pack food, otherwise, will cause harm to human body health. Notable is, the adornment design of partial tableware and a few colourful plastic tableware, because color is design lead, chromic,can wait for heavy metal commentate give a quantity to exceed hidden danger of label presence safety.

What ceramic decorates a method by its is different, cent issues the colour, variety in glair for the colour on glair, glair 3 kinds. Dissolve of harmful material lead, cadmium gives a quantity to basically originate material of sex of the adornment on the glair of goods surface () of the colour on glair, the dye of pottery and porcelain that if pottery and porcelain is applique,with production beautiful paper uses. And the colour in the colour below glair and glair is relative safety. Accordingly, consumer is when tableware of pottery and porcelain of choose and buy, should notice porcelain of the ancient painted pottery in the colour on divisional glair, colour below glair, glair according to using utility.

Use paint chopstick, from the point of wholesome angle, right healthy it is adverse. Poisonous chemical part is contained mostly in paint, using paint chopstick have dinner when the person, paint especially fall off to enter a stomach along with food inside hind, the harmful material such as lead and chromium enters human body save up, the person can happen chronic and toxic.