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Hutch defends: Intelligence is changed, vogue is changed additional trend of two

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Hutch defends electric equipment disease to blow energy-saving wind
Intelligence is changed, vogue is changed additional trend of two big main trends
Chain tycoon prepares for war golden week  
Smoke of gunpowder of big home appliance did not come loose, flames of war of small home appliance comes again, each vassal be in " usury embellish " below temptation, extend its antenna small home appliance in succession, be about to grab last pails of gold of home appliance course of study. Old brand " Jiang Zhebing is round " with " another name for Guangdong Province is warlord " return pendency to give on any account, home appliance tycoon and foreign capital tycoon already lifted a banner to inbreak, immediately, hutch defends flames of war of market of small home appliance to fly violently, the world presents a random bureau.
National beautiful electric equipment points out about chief, in the times of trademark dispute, small home appliance gradually hasten high end is changed, intelligence, energy-saving, vogue has become the mainer and mainer factor of product of influence consumer choose and buy.   
Manufacturer is contended for dozen " technical card "
As the progress of science and technology, flowing water of person the people's livelihood rises smoothly, people is increasingly right the product with technical higher content pays close attention to more. This brought tremendous business chance to the manufacturer that seeks product diversity to change, manufacturer of mainstream of a few far-sighted has appealed to from original vogue, muti_function product beg begin to change dozen " technical card " . Division force holds high " Bao of meal of division force report achieves industry new standard again " concept; Put forward beautifully " 10 old advanced techniques, boil a nutrient elite " catchword; Taiwan it is OK that the madam was rolled out of random adjustment angle " all-purpose tripod " , solved electromagnetism furnace thoroughly " fry pan unwell disease " ; Sea Er is rolled out newly wireless connect series to light gas water heater, used new " Zigbee " technology of wireless remote control; Achieve water heater of Er spy PLATRO to put forward " whole steel structure is designed " and " combustion of switch of formula of section of electronic winter summer accuses lukewarm technology " .
According to the country beautiful electric equipment concerns chief introduction, nearly 9 years since the sales volume that hutch defends home appliance shows clear ascendant trend. He points out, the rise of small home appliance and an urban standard of living are close together and relevant, also containing broad consumer pursuit is convenient, efficient, vogue, healthy (environmental protection) the psychological need that waits for high quality life.
Energy-saving product is popular the market
Current, if the product of main kitchen utensils and appliances of our country lights machine of gas cooking stove, lampblack, water heater burning gas to wait begin to enter change period, the abidance that hutch protects a product the collective subject that research and development, innovation becomes each enterprise to develop. The analysis of expert of kitchen utensils and appliances of national information center thinks, the research and development that lights gas to provide a product already to " high-energy effect burns " level stride.
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