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Be careful family expenses tableware causes disease

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Tableware is people a day the auxiliary tool with 3 indispensable eat, but some tableware are used undeserved can make the person causes disease. Following tableware must be careful when use.

1. Bamboo wood tableware. Itself of this kind of tableware does not have noxiousness, but easy by microbial pollution, scrub answers when using clean. The bamboo wood tableware of the paint on besmear is harmful to human body, have the effect that cause cancer.
2. Paper makes dinner service. It is the one-time dinner service that uses special paper to be made, after using, can throw away, won't catch a disease. Nevertheless, refuse paper tableware can pollute an environment, if serve as rubbish to undertake burning handling, can produce a kind to cry 2 evil flower carcinogenic substance.
3. Plastic tableware. Have very strong be able to bear or endure ability in swimming, but contain chloric ethylene carcinogenic substance, use for a long time can cause cancer. Current, experts are trying to reduce avirulent and plastic production cost, make avirulent and plastic products gains ground quickly.
4. Vitreous tableware. Vitreous tableware cleanness is wholesome, but also meet sometimes " mildewy " , because be eroded for a long time by moisture,this is, the carbon dioxide reaction in the siliceous natrium in glass and air generates be caused by of crystallization of white sodium carbonate. After waiting for basic material rinse with soap commonly can dot of take out mildew.
5. Tableware of pottery and porcelain. Shell of this kind of tableware is beautiful, quality of a material is ringing. Think commonly, tableware of pottery and porcelain is safe hurtless, the colour of tableware of little imagine pottery and porcelain contains the toxic material such as lead in makings. According to concerning data introduction, more or less is the quantity containing lead in tableware of pottery and porcelain concerned with the craft of fire pottery and porcelain, the tableware of pottery and porcelain that contains chromatic design by base, glair, colour 3 parts are comprised. Because heavy metal is contained in colour, if bake,make temperature undeserved, probably the dissolve such as lead, arsenic, cadmium goes out harmful to human body. But general the design of these tableware is outer wall, for this, need not promote a heart.
6. Iron makes dinner service. Iron participates in the synthesis of the haemoglobin in human body, it is a kind of microelement with indispensable human body, consequently use iron makes tableware be beneficial to healthy. But rusty iron makes tableware cannot be used, it can cause the enteron disease such as vomiting, diarrhoea, anorexia to suffer from.
7. Lead makes dinner service. Often use lead to make dinner service, easily lead poisoning. Its symptom is dazed, lack of power, memory decreases late, bellyacke, constipation, articulatory ache, there still is sweet taste in the mouth sometimes.
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