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Chinese stainless steel cutlery industry competition in the market trend analysi

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Main producers of stainless steel tableware Tianjin, Zhejiang, Guangzhou and other places, its products are sold abroad, the international market. In such an export-oriented industry, with a number of multinational companies to bring technology, brand and marketing advantages of a comeback, so that more intense competition in the domestic stainless steel cutlery. In the current opportunities and challenges coexist in the larger environment, China's stainless steel cutlery industry how to highlight your strengths, on the whole, in the overall understanding of stainless steel cutlery industry should capitalize on the trend, quality and quantity simultaneously, both focus on "quantity" moderate expansion, but also focus on "quality" of the overall increase, effectively change the growth mode of foreign trade, and take the road of intensive development in order to promote the cause of the health of the export of stainless steel tableware, sustained and rapid development. First, pay close attention to changes in national policy development and timely implementation of the enterprise. We should pay close attention to the development of national policy changes, the business development of good policy should actively seek and organize relevant departments to seriously implement the use of policies, good service, to businesses and allow for product upgrades, industry transformation of time and space to hand to help companies tide over the difficulties. Second, give full play to the role of the exhibition platform, and unswervingly promote the implementation of brand strategy, enhance product quality and quality. At present, foreign trade enterprises break through the "weapon" is to take the road of brand development, increase product development and innovation, improve product quality and quality, to extend and improve the industrial chain, improve profit margins, expanding the survival and development. Previous Sessions have proved that the brand name products, new products and technologies to enhance the prices of products with high content of larger space, and vice versa is difficult to have room to improve; brands and brand strong bargaining power and capacity of SMEs is weak. Therefore, we should further guide the enterprises to strengthen the independent innovation capacity building, fostering brand, speed up the training support with new products, intellectual property rights and core technology export business grow. Currently, the company gradually shifted the competition between the new product competition, only the independent innovation ability, faster business innovation to the fierce competition in the international market dominance, to seek survival and development of space.