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ACON Aviation disposable tableware in China to promote green and healthy

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"The hotel is really good plastic utensils, and cutlery on the same flight, both clean and sanitary, rest assured our customers with the very." Oct. 12, Mr. Zhang in the mountain community of a restaurant meal, is a Attracted to the unique plastic tableware sighed. Originally, the hotel used by air tableware disposable tableware made of the same material. This tableware thickness of only 0.4 mm, with the same material cups, bowls, plates, spoons, printed film "QS" certification mark With environmental protection, high temperature and other characteristics, even after pinching are clearly visible fingerprints, but also smell any plastic taste. The owner told the author that this price is a dollar cutlery set from the start to use to by the customer favorite. I pour a cup of hot dishes, the glass in hand, feel the temperature, but not hot. According to manufacturers ACON ( Aviation tableware company said the idea came from the plane of the glass. Time, the company executives on the plane to see a strong, lightweight plastic cups after they "burst Church Like ": Why not call this crystal plastic material applied to the tableware up it? ACON disposable tableware Crystal came out a new product, to the market is not easy. Alcon officials said in a crystal bowl disinfected after the listing, there were rumors that plastic tableware is made of medical plastic wastes, so that Some diners skeptical. "In fact, one crystal tableware ACON before going public, had to get food safety permit. No matter what, we are a one-time crystal tableware application ACON confidence in the future." All along, the cutlery industry to market a broad, very profitable, attracting many investors who joined the eyes. ACON crystal tableware air time to introduce internationally advanced production equipment and technology produced in the crystal plastic dishes With products, Alcon has a one-time non-toxic, odorless crystal tableware, crystal clear, environmental health, and easy to carry, acid and alkali, non-toxic and harmless, water resistant to 100 ℃, no deformation does not leak and so on. With economic development, transportation convenient, the movement is growing. According to incomplete statistics, often need to travel each year, the number of people visiting relatives up to 1 million people, and their best option in the field, staying in a hotel. By the In considering the health problems, including more than 85% of customers said: No, or basically do not have convenient hotel tableware. But one airline cutlery ACON has become the new darling of the market, won the majority of consumers, Alcon time Crystal tableware tableware has always changed the consumers "not clean" bias. "In the past to a restaurant meal, we open the package after sterilization bowl, pour a little boiling water used to rinse a rinse, feel that sterilization is incomplete, and now, and use this tableware is no such concerns had." Ms. Yang said the public , Attaches great importance to their usual restaurant dining out health, last weekend, and friends went to a restaurant for dinner, it was a one-time crystal tableware ACON hotel attracts, but also not previously thought of as unhealthy. The concept of the many people in health, health is often associated with high relative binding. ACON disposable tableware aviation, power break through the traditional concept to hit the market this property affordable. With the continuous improvement of the per capita living standards, people's requirements for quality of life is increasing, and consumer attitudes are also more and more attention to environmental protection, health, and selected functional and healthy dishes has become a major contemporary dining Industry topics. ACON disposable tableware timely air occurs, fundamentally change the health status of catering to consumers on health satisfaction tableware applauding, the country to promote the health of China!