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Unannounced visits to the health of illicit laboratories washing tableware tab

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When you go to a hotel, restaurant dining, open offers health tableware, watching the shiny, bright and clean utensils, and packaging of the "scientific disinfection", "safe and secure" and so forth, may have thought about it really Health? Yesterday, reports from the public, said the ferry on the way home in the Jiaojiang illegal tableware washing process points. The reporter then went to make unannounced visits to witness the so-called health tableware "sterilization" process. Bactericidal detergent is a "recipe" The illegal laboratories, located in the Ferry Road, near Riverside in an alley on the side of the road, next to the border police station. Reporter pretended to negotiate business is open stall, and processing point of the owner (a young man only 20 years old) is also no doubt, to allow journalists into the "workshop" watching - in a hundred square meters of the plant canopy, the seven divided into groups of eight women are busy. The most western end of the washing group: two old women squatting on the ground slightly larger, sorting bowls, dishes, pans and so on. Flowing ground water, as well as leftovers, people looked at it is truly disgusting. In the stone bench, placed two plastic trough, two middle-aged women are washing with a detergent, is a muddy trough and oil, the reporter has watched more than ten minutes, not seen water replaced. "No water for clean up, please?" "Yeah wiped clean." "That's how anti-virus it?" "Rights on the use of detergent." ... ... The news was a scene with the girls were. = Sterilizer dryer Second washing process is dried - one worker will be used only detergent washed bowls, plates and Piaozi other into a simple dryer inside, one or two minutes time, dishes on the inside slip trip, be regarded as "sterilization" of the. Reporter carefully inspected the machine, do not see any signs of disinfection, picked at random to see a bowl and it had traces of leftovers. "They are so disinfect it?" "Hey." A reporter asked the boss, he just laughed; ask head worker, she repeatedly said "do not know." Packaging is the third procedure, also the last process. I saw two young girls a little lighter, with a prepared set of nylon bag with the plate, and then hole sealed up all the disinfection process be completed. Bags are very prominent on the ad: "Science disinfection, standard cleaning, in line with national health and safety standards." Inscription is Jiaojiang "green every day." Boss told reporters after this three processes, the so-called "health tableware" will be distributed by way of compensation to the hotel, mainly class-based gear. Neither sign nor a business license Some reporters took advantage of the boss and processing points "to discuss" the business gap, looked around and found no sign except the door, the office is a mess - only a desk and a telephone, that is the office, wall empty, do not see any business license. "When will you begin production?" "'Green day' trademark registered before?" The reporter asked, causing the owner of the alert. Subsequently, he and indifference with alert eyes, "see a visitor," we can not shoot at the venue washing process. "This is definitely a point of illegal processing of sewage discharge it is also chaotic." Processing points out, a resident living nearby said. "Health tableware" really healthy? Would you like to take a paid restaurant service? Who or what regulatory supervision of cleaning tableware ... ... From today, the newspaper will launch a series of reports you have any suggestions or clues, please contact Evening QQ pass, or call the newspaper hotline 88516112.