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Drum stop charging offenders forced sterilization laws and regulations will be

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Into the restaurant, the use of plastic film sealed sterilization are paid, this situation will soon be extinct in the Drum Tower area. 9, the Drum Tower District Council, jointly issued a consumer alert and Industry Bureau said it would stop in the area of fees of such compulsory sterilization. The area business premises without the consent of consumers, not mandatory fees charged sterilization, or industrial and commercial sector will be investigated in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Drum Tower District Council responsible person that is eating utensils in the process of essential goods, provision of standard utensils, paper towels are in the process of matching food and beverage services, as consumers accept the premise dining is also the operator's legal obligations and accompanying obligations, has long been recognized by society, and in the catering industry convention. The service costs incurred as part of operating costs, as the legal obligations of the bear side, should bear the cost of food and beverage companies, not because a third party cleaning utensils, disinfection of the costs incurred will be passed on to consumers. Otherwise, it is disguised lower service standards agreed with the consumers, pass on to consumers in disguise accompanying obligations, contrary to the civil contract, the principle of integrity and fairness. This obligation on the operators, have clear rules of the provisions of the law. "Food Safety Law" second seventeen Di Wukuan clear: tableware, drinking with and serve food directly imported containers should be washed before use and sterilization. "Food service food safety supervision and management measures" under Article XVI: catering service providers shall strictly abide by the State Food and Drug Administration's food service department of food safety practices ... ... should be in accordance with the requirements of tableware, drinking with cleaning, disinfection, cleaning facilities in the special reserve. "Food prices repair industry rules of conduct" under Article VIII: catering services provided in addition to another state, the operators are not free to charge any service fees nominal addition to the price or other forms of external price increases.