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Shijiazhuang hotels save water stains used for sterilization was closed down

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Yesterday, reporters from the Shijiazhuang Municipal Food and Drug Administration was informed that the council will soon increase the various aspects of food service units in the supervision, in particular, is to require all food service units in strict sterilization purchase gateway, ensure that "double" the general public during the consumer safety. The public can call to report Tel: 89295000, on issues related to the units there to report. Recently, authorities announced a 2010 capital tableware disinfection companies focus on a list of qualified supervision and inspection, a total of eight units in the list, while other units, some self-closure, and some were ordered to suspend business, as well as 42 units have been ordered deadline for correction. Assessment results for the check, Shijiazhuang Municipal Food and Drug Administration attaches great importance to respond quickly to emergency brake failed tableware disinfection sterilization production of circulation in the food service industry. Yesterday morning, a reporter accompanied a number of council enforcement officers on the capital used by the food service sterilization units to conduct surprise checks. In a restaurant inspection, law enforcement officers found some of sterilization have water stains, cutlery manufacturer of packaging is not marked in the list of eight qualified units. Found for the situation, law enforcement personnel requirements of the hotel immediately stop using the unqualified sterilization, and ordered its associated rectification. The same time, inspect the site identified 52 sets of problems for archiving sterilization, and further processing in accordance with law. This reporter has learned, Shijiazhuang Municipal Food and Drug Administration has begun to focus on the following measures to prevent unqualified table tableware into the consumer: on the food service unit directly under Guan issued an urgent notice requiring careful inventory of all food service units, if found not Qualified production of sterilization should be submitted to the council immediately stop using and catering unified treatment of security enforcement unit, to be eligible after this turnaround line with its sterilization; and called on counties (cities) and districts under the jurisdiction of the Food Service Unit issued an emergency notice and immediately check to eliminate substandard production of sterilization used in the food service industry. Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration Food of Shijiazhuang City, law enforcement unit to ensure control in the food service unit directly under the careful examinations carried out at the same time, the establishment of the county (city) district audit group to 24 counties (cities) to use food and beverage service units production of substandard disinfection sterilization conducted audit, once discovered, will be given serious treatment. Catering services and require strict sterilization units pass purchase is required to obtain the qualification disinfection businesses tableware disinfection certificate and inspection report will be kept out unqualified tableware.