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Teach you how to wash silver to make dinner service

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1 , silver makes tableware how clean: Silver makes tableware wait like silver-colored chopstick, silver spoon, with long hind changeful black or rusty. Can use acetic catharsis or wipe with toothpaste, all can rehabilitate former appearance, clean and shining.
2, how does plastic tableware clean: Of plastic tableware clean can dip in with cloth only alkaline, vinegar or soap are swabbed, unfavorable with household cleanser, lest the burnish of abrasion surface.
3, how does the dinner service that has held milk, panada, egg clean: Had held the dinner service of milk, panada, egg, should immerse with cold water first, reoccupy heats up water catharsis. If use hot water first, rudimental food is with respect to meeting conglutinate on tableware, hard abluent.
4, how to clean tinware: Tinware is used long hind, color pales. Can boil lotus leaf stalk or lotus leaf water, wipe clean, can be like except dirty namely new. If tinware is rusty, usable bright tomato is cut two half, brush rubiginous place with tangent plane, quiet place is counted after minute, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean, rusty spot is divided namely.

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