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How tableware of reasonable use stainless steel

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Stainless steel is You Tiege alloy again mix into wait for minim tantalum into nickel, molybdenum, titanium, manganese and make. Because its metal performance is good, and compare other metal be able to bear or endure rustily, the appliance that makes is beautiful and durable. Accordingly, increasing also be used to production kitchen utensils and appliances, enter broad family gradually.

The development that affects to health with respect to the microelement in the environment as medical bound studies, already confirmed a lot of tantalum are like chromic, nickel, molybdenum, cadmium, manganese, titanium to wait now reach its compound is having different quality to human body health, the harm of different level. The kitchen utensils and appliances that our country makes to using stainless steel also already formulate gives wholesome level.

But if use person the knowledge that lacks this respect, use undeserved, medium minim tantalum meets stainless steel be accumulated slowly inside human body likewise, reach some limit when accumulative amount, can endanger human body health. When must kitchen utensils and appliances of use stainless steel, tableware notice as follows so:

One, cannot fill for long put boiling water of salt, soy, vinegar, food to wait, because a lot of electrolyte are contained in these food, if be filled for long, criterion stainless steel can resemble other metal likewise same, have electrochemistry reaction with these electrolyte, make poisonous tantalum is dissolved to come out.

2, avoid by all means uses Chinese traditional medicine of Bao of stainless steel boiler, because Chinese traditional medicine contains the part such as a variety of alkaloid, organic acid, heating especially below the condition, avoid very hard not to produce chemical reaction to it, and make medicaments invalidation, generate the complexing other people with certain older noxiousness even.

3, the chemical drug that do not use alkali sex or strong oxidisability if natrium of soda, bleaching powder, second chloric acid undertake catharsis. Because these material are strong electrolyte, same meeting and stainless steel have electrochemistry reaction.