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How does ability clean the tableware after the meal clean thoroughly

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Tableware is before disinfection, must clean clean thoroughly. The method of tableware catharsis and requirement are as follows:

The food of remnant of the incomplete on cleared tableware falls into rubbish or litter bucket, rush with water next, make the food on tableware residual it is better to get cleared.

Brush the oil stains on wash up or contamination. Its pace gets together reach a requirement:

(1) uses the hot water that 45 ℃ control;

(2) joins tableware scour;

(3) immerses tableware buy into water 1-2 minute;

(4) brushs the face of wash up seriously;

(5) examines the clean case of tableware. Not clean farther scrub.

Tableware scour must be the eligible product that approves via wholesome service, cannot use dinner service of washing powder catharsis.

The scour that remains on cleared tableware. The tableware after catharsis should buy enters clear water, had better use the scour that running water remains on cleared tableware.