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The language of tableware

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You do not need to expend talking around more below most when eating Western-style food circumstance, the every act when dining on the table tells service personnel your intent, the clerk that has gotten training can serve for you according to your desire, go satisfying your requirement, this is " language of knife and fork " .

1, continue have dinner: Put knife and fork apart, show a triangle about, so signal you should continue have dinner, clerk won't you dish close.

2, have dinner result: And put dinner service in when you dish go up by the side of, even if you dish in still have a thing, the clerk also thinks you are already gone eat, can receive dish in appropriate time.

3, add meal to me again please: Dish is empty already, but you still think have dinner, put knife and fork apart, show about splay, so the clerk can add meal to you again. Attention: Be in only allow the banquet that adds meal the ability when that dish that go up or adds likely in edible is applicable. If every dish has a dish word only, you were not necessary to put dinner service into this appearance.

4, I already used good food: Dish is empty already, when you also think have dinner no longer, parallel of knife and fork sideways put away, so the clerk can be in appropriate time receives your dish.

The use of knife and fork

The main tool when Oriental dines is a chopstick, and knife and fork should be used when Hesperian dines. When dining, eat dish inter, so small knife and ladle place the right in dish, broach is put to the left. Ordinary right hand keeps the person of the word, when drinkable Western-style food, very naturally takes knife or spoon with the right hand, left hand takes fork, the cup also is carried with the right hand.

How to treat " left-hander " ? If we are informed guest philtrum to have some it is the word that holds a knife with left hand, unavoidable place knife and fork in proper to him place when placing a stand, this not only reflected us to be respected to his, and what also showed we serve is considerate and meticulous.

1, knife and fork is put on the table, cannot exceed third officer at most commonly. The formula of 3 dish above, must place new knife and fork again along with serving after put knife and fork is gone.

2, knife and fork is from outside the side in side direction is used by order (press use order beforehand that is to say by extroversion in ordinal put) . When dining, it is valuable assistant cooperates each other commonly, namely one knife one fork is geminate and didymous those who use. Some are exceptional, drink Shang Shi, just put ladle in right -- hold spoon with the right hand. Edible unripe oyster also is to use the right hand to take ostracean forked edible commonly.

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