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Tableware ought to be deposited in dry place

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To modern, the opportunity of outer repast is increasing. An investigation makes clear American government medical establishment recently, because the tableware of cafeteria is after catharsis, undertake dry processing rarely, and pile up in damp environment tableware, cause bacterial breed very easily.  
The research group that the haing root doctor that Russia straps ridge city to establish university college of medicine heads, to tableware deposit with the bacterium breed undertook study, result discovery, dry processing does not undertake after tableware catharsis, cause a bacterium extremely easily to cause, its Chinese meal provides the time that deposit to grow more, the case is more severe. To this one phenomenon, domestic ambry is not exceptional also. According to American disease control and precautionary center announce data to show, because dietetic hygiene will cause 75 million person,contract infection every year. Researcher points out, tableware saves an environment is whether the bacterium is caused, a crucial link of transmission ought to cause the height of people to take seriously. Remember, after tableware catharsis, must dry deposit.