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China regards a civilization as ancient country, early is entered farming agrarian times, will thousands of years create effulgent dietary culture. And kitchen culture accumulate contained dietary culture. As the difference of culture of square food of Chinese and Western, kitchen culture also is existing difference, but they each other intersect reflect, make the one part with human indispensable culture.

The feed of kitchen culture special subject is provided

Main component plants the tool that the mankind eats: (1) is Euramerican use knife, forked, spoon with North America, feed meal 3 implement use. (2) China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea and Korea use chopsticks. (3) Africa, middle east, Indonesian wait to be caught with the hand with India feed.

Tableware (1) chopstick

Chopstick, ancient say " chopsticks " , it is the accepted distinctive dinner service on current world, for beautiful to using the Europe of knife and fork personage, the society has certain difficulty truly with chopsticks chopsticks, but once operate adroitly these two are gadgety, use rising is address and clinking however, so the west has a scholar to praise chopsticks chopsticks is the Oriental civilization delegate with old auspicious, it is nation of an ancient name for China the crystallization of clever He Zhihui.

China is the birthplace of chopsticks chopsticks, dine with chopsticks say less to also have 3000 old histories, be the mother country that feed is with chopsticks on the world, catch the Malaysia that feed, Singapore, Indonesian and other places with the hand so, by dine with chopsticks at large quantities of overseas Chinese, after a considerable period of time, local dweller suffers his to affect, also learn to have a meal with chopsticks, so overseas Chinese is flourish with using chopsticks to dine more. Say to make a person be not believed, china was inventing chopsticks chopsticks after, ever also had catch more for long with the hand feed. Formidable Chinese people, since hair is clear and agile clinking, batch, carry, nip, mix omnipotent chopstick, why to put need not, must use two two-piece flesh chopsticks? The history is delicate, also be complex, to the function at chopsticks chopsticks, our ancestor cannot be known completely soberly, this ability produced meandering course.

" on Qu Li of · of The Book of Rites " carry again: "The person have food of a thick soup uses pod, the person that do not have dish need not pod. "Pod namely chopstick. First Qin Shi, dish besides eat raw, multi-purpose boiling water is boiled feed. According to in those days the ceremony is made, chopsticks can be used only take dish a thick soup at nip, the meal is not active chopsticks, be regarded as otherwise discourteous. " history write down " also this says: "Xi Yuzhi implement, " of like chopsticks a thick soup. So in those days the action of chopsticks is purer, it is to use nip to take dish a thick soup only just, to at what have a meal to still keep primitive consuetudinary, catch and feed. The ancients is foolish also nevertheless lovely, the compasses fire that ancestors hands down, everybody dare be changed, be afraid of disobey the ceremony that eat convention to make. Although catch,feed not wholesome, bother again, but they or by rule, every eat with chopsticks nip dish, hold a meal with the hand, do not know a change hundreds years.
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