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Little baby is unfavorable choose what dinner service

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Malcontent the both hands of the cheeper of 3 one full year of life still lacks harmonious sex, and the muscle strength of finger often also is not worth, it is important all the more that reason chooses appropriate dinner service for them. Well-advised parents should avoid to choose the dinner service of the following type:

Easy and broken tableware

Although the dinner service that makes with the material such as glass, pottery and porcelain is beautiful, but the little hand as a result of cheeper is very awakward still, "Accidentally drop " may happen again and again. This can create waste on one hand, delimit possibly still on the other hand the child, in addition the confidence that loses have dinner of child learning proper motion easily also.

Too big or live small dinner service

Not easy palm accuses the little hand of too big tableware child, and too small dinner service may make again water of water of soup of the soup when child have dinner spills over, wait to gave have dinner of child learning proper motion artificially to increase difficulty then.

Adult tableware

Average dinner service is designed for adult, no matter be opposite from bulk or weight,the child does not suit. The another harm that adds up to have dinner to provide with adult in addition is: Catch the disease of adult easily to the child.

Western-style tableware

At present is Western-style tableware is very modern, then some families want to let the child be contacted early. Little imagine is the knife in Western-style tableware, forked already hard acerb, defeat lip thorn of the child easily. If the child falls, cause easily still more serious traumatic.


Many parents think, since use a chopstick to conduce to intellective development of the child, so behoove lets the child learn to use a chopstick as early as possible. However the use beard of the chopstick passes ministry of hand ministry, wrist ministry, elbow, arm to be coordinated accurately of the many joint of humeral ministry even cooperate, not be the movement of simple Qu Shen of 5 finger. From this, the child is before 2 one full year of life, learn to have a meal with ladle more appropriate. Usually, child 3-4 just can practice using a chopstick when year old. If ask the child uses a chopstick prematurely, not only study has greater difficulty, because the movement is not harmonious,still may scatter meal lane. If parents is right now insufficient patient and blame or rebuke child, the enthusiasm that the child dines can be contused, appetite also can be affected.

Chromatic tableware

Indeed, chromatic tableware can attract the child's eyeball, but the chemical dye that plot place uses has great harm however to children health. Be like pottery and porcelain kind the color scheme on tableware is with colour glair scale, and many lead is contained in colour glair, acidity food is OK dissolve the lead in colour glair come out, may enter children system at the same time with food from this inside. Everybody knows, the rate that children draws lead is 6 times rapidder than growing up, if children form is embedded plumbic capacity is exorbitant, produce the likelihood beyond recall negative effect to the intellectual growth of children. Be like the chopstick of lacquer again, there often can be flake Qi Kuai to flake in use process, enter the nature inside child body to also have caustic health along with food.
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