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Metallic tableware is used alternately healthful

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The tableware with different qualitative capable person and kitchen utensils and appliances are heating the process can release different element, these elements can have distinct effect to the body. Excessive of any a kind of element can be caused to human body damage, accordingly, all sorts of eat, kitchen utensils and appliances should be used alternately, have complementary effect, good human body is healthy.

● aluminium makes dinner service avirulent, deft and durable. But aluminium is accumulated inside human body overmuch, can accelerate consenescence, also have certain undesirable effect to memory.

● iron controls tableware toxicity not quite, but avoid makes dinner service with rusty iron.

Tableware of ● pottery and porcelain although noxiousness is the smallest, but the glair in a lot of pottery and porcelain contains lead, and lead is poisonous.

● enamel tableware is avirulent, but the likelihood with not careful treatment is polluted.

Pair of human body such as the nickel in tableware of ● stainless steel, titanium are harmful.