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How to give tableware disinfection

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The tableware such as bowl, chopsticks, dish, spoon is the daily and indispensible things of domesticity, many investigation data makes clear, often can detect from these tableware give all sorts of sending disease is microbial. If be in daily life, often do not undertake be cleaned thoroughly and be alexipharmiced, so the vehicle that if armour hepatitis, dysenteric, typhoid fever, tuberculosis reachs the disease such as bromatoxism,these tableware make transmission possibly. Got when the somebody in the family especially afore-mentioned after all sorts of contagion, because can cause these alvine path infection with tableware in all,travel each other in the family. Accordingly, make the daily disinfection that have dinner of good family average provides, be helpful for ensuring a family restful.
The dinner service that in suiting rural family, uses disinfects a method to basically have two kinds big:
1, boil disinfects a law. Boil disinfection law applies to a family to be like bowl, chopsticks with tableware, dish, the disinfection such as dish, basin, spoon, this law is used in rural family the simplest, reliable. Particular way: The tableware such as the bowl that will rinsed, basin is erect place in boiler, add the dinner service that clear water immersion is disinfected, last next boil 5 - can achieve alexipharmic goal 15 minutes. Subsequently, go liquid waste, good disinfection dinner service is put in clean cupboard to reserve.
2, chemical disinfection law. Chemical disinfection law is undertaking alexipharmic a respect to tableware, as boil alexipharmic law goes to the lavatory, the tableware that because this is multi-purpose,disinfects at cannot using boil. In chemistry of the spendable in rural family disinfectant has acid of bend over of bleaching powder, sulphur, second crossing oxygen, potassium permanganate to wait, basically introduce bleaching powder and sulphur bend over here.
Bleaching powder disinfection
Operation of tableware of bleaching powder disinfection is handy, the result is favorable. Clear liquid immerses on the bleaching powder of 5 % tableware 30 minutes, achieve alexipharmic result namely. Bleach essence of life with 1 piece tone is become mushy, every deserve to rise 200 milligram to disinfect fluid chloricly effectively in adding 1000 milliliter water, immerse abluent tableware 5 minutes, achieve alexipharmic goal likewise. Usually, every configuration disinfects fluid, can use 4 hours repeatedly. Because bleaching powder is belonged to,contain chloric disinfectant, the tableware after disinfection often stays have chloric taste, it is certain to have to the person excitant, reason can use a few boiled water to be rinsed before using this kinds of dinner service, can make chloric flavour decreases apparently so.
Sulphur bend over is disinfected
Sulphur bend over is disinfectant of a kind of efficient, quick result. When the bend over that use sulphur disinfects tableware, exterminate the pathogenic bacteria that pollutes on tableware effectively not only, and also have to hepatitis B virus apparent destruction and exterminate action, so sulphur bend over can be used at sufferring from to use virus sex hepatitis, dysenteric the tableware disinfection that waits for contagion person. When be used actually, will match every to rise 200 - the fluid of disinfection of sulphur bend over of 300 milliliter immerses 2 ~ can obtain dinner service 5 minutes alexipharmic effect. Because the iodine in sulphur bend over and amylaceous action can make indigo spot mark, reason ought to rinse tableware clean before disinfection; The tableware after disinfection often stays have bubble, after usable cleanness, clean water is rinsed, save again.
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