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Chopstick origin gives civilian teach to say

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Always use the person that cross a chopstick, no matter Chinese or it is a foreigner, all without exception admires the contriver of the chopstick. But it is He Ren invention? When be created? Everybody cannot answer this question now. Formidable China ancient country, cannot find record however a bit material that this makes great contribution to human civilization, do not know be us first civilian lack a character at that time, or does the book comfort that is record chopstick break almost to use up? Anyhow answers this unsettled question only " history without account " 4 words. Of course, study chopsticks chopsticks culture, also not be to cannot find any circumstantial evidence material, the collect after author Ceng Xian concerns the fokelore of chopstick origin to 3.

Folklore, be working people creation is as consuetudinary as incident of certain history character, history, society concerned story. Although fokelore also is a story, but differ again with the story: The story can make up follow one's inclinationsly, but fokelore often is the history however, with the child of actual thing photograph correlation, so it contained the honest element of some kind of history, have certain historic characteristic. Concern the fokelore of chopsticks chopsticks origin so, more or less can be chopsticks chopsticks trace to the source find certain and referenced action.

" divine bird saves Jiang Zi tooth " , circulate the chopstick at Sichuan and other places is fabulous

Jiang Zi tooth can hook fishing continuously only, other issue also won't, so very destitute. And his wife cannot follow really had written hard time, think the book is dead he is married additionally other.

Tooth of this day of Jiang Zi fishs hold the bag returns the home in, wife says: " you became hungry stop, I had burned the flesh to you, you eat! " Jiang Zi tooth is really hungry, stretch his hand go catching the flesh, a bird flies suddenly outside the window, pecked him readily, he is painful, ah ah - , the flesh did not eat, busy go driving a bird. When he takes the flesh the 2nd times, the bird pecks his the back of hand again. Suspect of Jiang Zi tooth, why does the bird peck me twice, do I eat this flesh to be not gotten? To try a bird, he catchs the flesh the 3rd times again, at this moment the bird pecks him again. He knows this is bird of a god, at it is to install drive a bird, chase after all the time go out, chase after an unmanned hillside continuously, dwell of bird seeing a look is on one branch traditional stringed and woodwind instrument, and twittering sang: " Jiang Zi tooth ah Jiang Zi tooth, eat the flesh to cannot be caught with the hand, nip flesh is in my you... . " Jiang Zi tooth listened of divine bird give directions, busy in picking two filament bamboo to return the home. At this moment wife urges him to eat the meat again, at it is Jiang Zi tooth in presenting two filament Zhu Shen the bowl, just considered nip pork, see ground of Ji of Ji of traditional stringed and woodwind instrument is risked only remove a black smoke. Jiang Zi tooth pretends not to know the thing of poison, say to wife: " how is the flesh met fumy? poisonous? " do not have poison, you know music cannot meet the flesh. " do not have poison really, then you eat. " , say to write Jiang Zi the flesh since tooth nip sends in past wife mouth, wife face is frightened white, busy escape go out.
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