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Judge inferior environmental protection plastic tableware and pack differentiate

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Whether do plastic tableware and the quality of the things that pack accord with judgement environmental protection product quality requirement, basically can pass following methods to undertake judging.

1: Exterior of range estimation tableware: The dinner service with good quality is very regular on exterior and edges and corners and grain handwriting clarity, product inside and outside provides glazed clean to spend. Of the box quadrilateral ply is even, without sand holes, the integral brim of the box cuts level, card is buckled should drive debit side. Unqualified plastic tableware does not have false and inferior perhaps environmental protection the condition of above.
2: The hand feels: The tableware feel with good quality is slick, have very strong tenacity and flexibility. Because inferior dinner service joined much fill material, reduced colophony intensity, the hand is felt can feel very soft, lining can have the feeling that feels fine sand paper. Like if use a hand,rip meeting elephant to rip kraft can tear apart very easily.
3: Inferior dinner service can smell a kind of pungent flavour, pass the tableware after heating especially flavour is bigger, because,this is the fill inside colophony the calcium carbonate be caused by of excessive. Calcium carbonate should pass the material such as use coupling agent, dispersive agent, lubricant to undertake exterior activation is handled before making grain, the calcium carbonate content in colophony can produce peculiar smell too much. And, certain material can remain in the product, the body of the person that can release offset to expend through higher temperature produces a harm.

A few small-sized production are plastic the illegal factory of food bag, use those who reclaim is useless plastic in the course simple decontamination smashs after processing, begin to produce food to pack bag and container.

For the health of oneself, remind consumer to be in the product that use consumption must select quality qualification when one-time tableware.