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The pertinent question of Western-style food

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The tableware on Western-style food desk is very much, like eating every, the thing should use specific dinner service, the Chinese uses Western-style food is a component that studies western culture, when you are enjoying the repast atmosphere with refined Western-style food, bearing more want correct and decent, dine have have " ceremony " .
Napkin of napkin cloth Western-style food uses cloth commonly, level off of napkin cloth Founder, colour simple but elegant. Often put on genu, before paying attention to ceremony circumstance to also can be put in the bosom, at ordinary times relaxed circumstance still can be put on the desk, among them horn of a napkin is opposite before the bosom, pin with bowl dish.

Napkin cloth can be used brush the mouth or brush a hand, should fold with diagonal triangularly shape, or parallel folds rectangular shape, besmirch should be brushed entirely inside, appearance looks is neat all the time. When leaving a seat, even if leave temporarily, also should get off napkin cloth folds diamonds at will or the triangle is put in dish side or desk horn, on the seat that had better be put in oneself.

The knife, knife that Western-style food of forked, spoon uses, forked, spoon has his to use each, cannot be replaced or mix with.

Knife, it is to use cut alimental, do not instigate with the knife food sends in past mouth. Be sure to keep in mind: The right hand takes a knife. If when have dinner, the knife that has 3 kinds of different specifications appears at the same time, general and proper use is: The band is small one toothed that is used cut the flesh to make provision; The uses will big vegetable of moderate volume cuts flake; And the sort of cabinet, point of a knife is the penknife that obtuse, coping becomes warped on some, it is to use incision bun, carry besmear of some of conserve, butter to be above biscuit with it next.

Forked, want left hand to take fork, fork food wants toward the movement when sending in the mouth light. Pick up is right amount food is one-time when food of pick up of broach of the 牞 in putting the entrance enters the mouth, the tooth comes up against food only, do not bite fork, also do not let knife and fork is on tine or dish in give out noise.

Ladle, below formal circumstance, spoon has a variety of, smally is use at coffee and dessert; Use compressedly at besmearing butter and cent eat cake; Bigger, with will drink boiling water or fill broken small food; The biggest is public eat soup at cent, common at buffet.

Of tableware put dinner service putting is a basis serving early or late ordinal from outside to inside put. After some dish had been used, can remove one part knife and fork.

The way that knife and fork puts and position have exquisite. Knife and fork is put on saucer to show splay, inside blade face, forked needle states you continue even downward have dinner; Parallel of knife and fork is put go up in saucer blade is outward, forked needle states you do not want have dinner up. Spoon horizontal stroke is put inside soup dish, spoon heart up, also state the tableware that use boiling water can be taken away.
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