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What thing cannot be done on table

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What thing cannot be done on table?


In dispute of banquet 間 belch constant not of 禮 appearance, if be 無 law control really, 則 can drink water, hold one's breath means makes 輕 of disease 狀 減, if still 無 effect, 則 had better wash his hands 間 hits 個 夠 , 氣 waiting for 廢 disappear adds after to return seat again.

Hit 噴 sneeze

If be the 噴 sneeze 當 of 暫 時 sex only like that can with means of mouth of napkin attack by surprise, 將 pollution 減 comes lowest. If 噴 sneezes not banquet of 斷 則 best 離 manages to his 處 處 , if true 無 law 處 manages,則 mights as well banquet of 離 of go ahead of the rest, anybody 會 did not mind.

補 妝

Female brethren has 國 person to all do not know 儀 of this 項 禮 not less

該 of 補 妝 應 is in wash one's hands 間 or be the 處 為 with person little 較 . Fair 開 場 adds up to 補 妝 to be just like is to combing 頭 髮 . Wear the dress. . . Wait for be misgivings commonly.

Suck 煙

幾 all dining-room all are divided with 劃 " 區 suction 煙 " and " be not 區 suction 煙 " , 為 avoid someone else to suck secondhand 煙 , best 盡 force restrains 癮 gentleman 煙 癮, if true 煙 癮 is too big,則 can be used prandial and gone, in 場 personage already 開 only then with sweet 時 of 點, coffee is gone to before 離 banquet again outdoor swallow 雲 to spit 霧, such both neither calculates break 禮 also not person of 會 obstructive 別 is healthy.

Tooth of get rid of

Tooth of get rid of also wants to notice, heart of photograph 當 噁, should spit really also 請 with mouth of napkin 紙 attack by surprise, spit go up in 紙 towel. Tooth 籤 is gone in be being put in 盤 can, 1000 萬 are not bitten in the mouth write person of 與 of 籤 of a tooth to hand in 談 , 狀 is like 狀 of scampish 無 賴 , special 難 looks. Some people are gone even eat after, in the mouth still be favored with writes tooth 籤 to walk along 動 to 處 , the 舉 that is 離 譜 more then stopped.

Knife and fork drops

進 eat 時 is like knife and fork to drop be born cover not carefully, the 換 of 員 of the person that take 務 that this 時 needs to accuse only of one male 淨 can, the knife and fork that does not clear by oneself, cannot wipe 過 in order to use napkin more again 繼 續 is used.


Dig nostril

Catch 頭 skin

Arrange take 裝


The 說 of 簡 單 . Always 會 給 other not best on table 別 does the business of beautiful feeling 覺.

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