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How to use Western-style food to provide

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It is difficult to put it doesn't matter of silver dinner service, you were not necessary to put them so accurately like making a map. Want to be put by used order only, by outside reach inside can. How is these dinner service seeing in light of us now put on the tradition.

Appetizer eat is forked: When eating seafood, appetizing fruit, langouste, use, it also can be used when having pickle, tree.

Salad eat is forked: When having salad, cruelly oppress, pasty, mug-up and cold dish, use.

Eat fork: When having a fish, piscine meat fork is to use those who replace prandial fork.

Prandial fork: Besides the fish, apply to eat all entree.

Beefsteak knife: With will cut the flesh.

Feed piscine knife: Those who replace case knife and beefsteak knife is use when having a fish.

Butter knife: With will cut small yellow oil piece, soft cheese, acerbity thick chili sauce and appetizing cole.

Prandial knife: Apply to all entree besides the fish.

Spoon: Use at desert, porridge and soup.

Teaspoon: Use at coffee, boiled water, fruit and certain desert.

Put beverage spoon on the ice: Use at the beverage of tall foot cup or desert.

Small coffee spoon: Use at the coffee after dressing, caviar and eat.