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What should notice when eating Western-style food formal

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Western-style food is formal knowledge

As lifestyle what interact newlier with the society is active, the person that our country has Western-style food is increasing. In activity of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, to fit the dietary habit of foreign guest, want to receive a visitor with Western-style food sometimes. Western-style food hall is compared commonly capacious, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, eat Western-style food to facilitate again chat, accordingly, in public concern fete, it is one kind is compared welcome go to the lavatory again desirable receives a form. Western-style food is of long standing and well established, pay attention to very again formal, pay attention to custom, so, the knowledge that understands aspect of a few Western-style food is very important.

The characteristic of Western-style food

"Western-style food " , it is our country a general designation to Euramerican area dish, it is a generally refer to. If differentiate roughly, western-style food can divide roughly it is 2 kinds: It is with flower, the country such as law, heart, meaning is a delegate " Western Europe type " , say again " Ou Shi " , its characteristic is to choose makings essence of life pure, taste is delicate, with design much, make careful and enjoy high reputation; 2 it is before Russia is a delegate " hamster type " , also say " Russian type " , its characteristic is flavour thick, oil is heavy, with salty, acerbity, sweet, hot all be provided and celebrated. In addition, still have what rise in the development on British dish foundation " beautiful type " . Be like farther fractionize, still can divide wait for British dish, French Lai, Russian dish, United States dish, Italy dish and German dish. Each country dish is fastened from flavour of become a common practice, each have each color, highlight most with French dish especially among them. But from look on the whole, compare with Chinese meal photograph, western-style food has the following marked characteristics at least:

Above all, western-style food ponderosity inspects the collocation of composition of of all kinds nutrition to combine, mature human body is right all sorts of nutrition (carbohydrate, adipose, protein, vitamin) will plan dish with caloric demand or machine cook.

Next, choose makings is careful, with makings is extensive. Western-style food cooking is being chosen when makings very careful, fastidious, and choose makings is very extensive. If American dish is commonly used,the meal is nodded, salty inner tube is sweet; Italian dish can make of all kinds cooked wheaten food cooked food: All sorts of faces piece, flower of noodle, face can make the cate on delicate banquet; And French dish, choose makings is more extensive, such as snail, foreign lily, coco cultivates core to wait to all can join course.

The 3rd, exquisite flavor, pay attention to colour and lustre. The dressing of Western-style food cook is different from Chinese meal mostly, if yoghurt oil, Gui Xie, lemon is commonly used dressing. French dish still notes wine of put sb in a very important position to flavor, use wine generally when cook, different dish does condiment with different wine; German dish flavors with beer more, exquisite on the collocation of colour and lustre contrast, lively, colour and lustre is consequently bright-coloured, can stimulate appetite.
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