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Price of an agar knife is close 1000 yuan of citizens: Cut course with it too ex

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Price of a kitchen knife is close 1000 yuan, the boiler of stew more than 800 yuan... yesterday, be in Wuhan a few bazaar, the photograph of kitchenware neat Qi Liang of brand of 3 big famous international, its high price is startling.

Have the member that the client asks sales promotion, why " foreign kitchen utensils and appliances " is charge such tall? Gotten explanation is, the knife of these brands and boiler choose tailor-made rolled steel to be made, do manual work is careful. Bazaar one sales promotion member return the spot to set an example to stir-fry one kind the boiler that does not have lampblack, put into green vegetables, irrigate some of cold oil, again lid of the boiler on the lid, in a few minutes, the edge that wait for boiler has steam to appear, lift boil lid, the shovel that use boiler breaks up fry a few times can, fry green vegetables to heat up what boiler burns oil to fry a law to differ with traditional China.

The shopper that although surround,observes is not little, but those who draw out money to buy is not much. Some citizens say, cook with these costly kitchen utensils and appliances make food too extravagant.