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Of tableware of pottery and porcelain choose

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Tableware of pottery and porcelain not only modelling each different, beautiful and easy, and have the advantage such as not not not exquisite and smooth, rusty, decayed, bibulous, easy catharsis. The cent of the method that make of tableware of pottery and porcelain issues the colour, variety in glair for the colour on glair, glair 3 kinds, lead of among them harmful metal, cadmium basically originate the dye on glair. Use dinner service of the colour on glair for a long time, the harmful tantalum in tableware goes out with respect to meeting dissolve, enter human body along with food, cause chronic and toxic. Accordingly, people does not choose wall to contain the tableware of enamel as far as possible. If economic condition allows, can choose dinner service of the glair that do not have lead. Using new before dinner service of bought pottery and porcelain, can use first feed vinegar to immerse 2 ~ 3 hours, the toxicant that in giving dinner service with dissolve, contains is qualitative. When using, should avoid to use Cheng Fang of tableware of chromatic pottery and porcelain acidity food.