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Area of area of tableware of pottery and porcelain watchs a knowledge to wear ma

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The household utensils of pottery and porcelain with beautiful, beautiful adornment has model not only practical, provide art to view and admire a gender more, it is the requisite in daily life.

Tableware of pottery and porcelain is classified

China is ancient country of pottery and porcelain, culture of pottery and porcelain is of long standing and well established, pottery and porcelain is phyletic also items is various,

Plant by porcelain cent: The market is at present genteel those who connect is main china of china of daily expense china, ashes of the dead, exquisite daily expense, glair falls (in) crockery of essence of china of colour daily expense, daily expense, common pottery and porcelain and cook of careful pottery and porcelain implement etc. Outside dividing porcelain of ashes of the dead, the others product presses exterior blemish again how many or the size cent of extent is classy article, first-rate product, qualification is tasted etc.

Divide character by contented: Can divide for horniness porcelain and soft qualitative porcelain. Horniness porcelain uses high temperature single firing more, soft qualitative porcelain burns microtherm glair to burn craft to give priority to with high temperature element more. Because frit is firing temperature is different, raw material recipe is different, opposite for, the place in frit of soft qualitative porcelain contains oxide of low melting point more. So the glaze hardness of horniness porcelain wants than soft qualitative porcelain big, the knife and fork when using is not easy lay off bruise, but the glaze flatness of soft qualitative porcelain, brightness is general good at horniness porcelain, naked eye observation is downier and moist.

The face that press a flower decorates means branch: Characteristic of the face that press a flower can divide the colour in be the colour on glair, glair, colour below glair and lubricious vitreous enamel to reach a few white porcelain that did not add variety to wait.

Porcelain of the ancient painted pottery on glair of the colour on ● glair is the beautiful paper that makes dye of pottery and porcelain be stuck on glaze or direct with painty draw at product surface, again via 700 ℃ ~ 850 ℃ high temperature bakes the product that burn and becomes. Because bake the melt temperature that burns temperature to did not achieve glair layer, so beautiful face cannot sink in glair, can clingy at glair layer surface. If use hand feeling, goods surface has concave and convex feeling, naked eye observation is rugged.

Porcelain of the ancient painted pottery in glair of the colour in ● glair is baked burn temperature taller than the colour on glair, reached the melt temperature of goods frit, dye of pottery and porcelain sinks when frit melt in glair, refrigeration hind is enclothed by glair layer. Surface of goods of the feeling that use a hand is flowing be like glass, without clear concave and convex sense.
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