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The choose and buy should notice safety with use tableware

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The dissolve of the lead in tableware of pottery and porcelain of lead poisoning of caution of tableware of pottery and porcelain comes out to result from in the applique decorations of tableware, when people uses the fruit of Cheng Fang of this kind of tableware, vegetable, milk provision that contains organic acid, the heavy metal such as medium lead meets tableware dissolve goes out and enter human body together along with food, time grew to be able to cause lead poisoning. When tableware of pottery and porcelain of consumer choose and buy, should notice to choose the dinner service of the colour in the colour below glair or glair, do not choose color very bright-coloured the tableware that reachs wall to contain enamel.

Plastic tableware plain and neat had better close amine is plastic and avirulent insipidity, acid-proof alkali resistance, the feeder of darling is aggregate fiber, these plastic dinner service that sell from inside normal bazaar accord with national level commonly, but the adornment design of a few tableware and colourful plastic tableware are put in hidden trouble. When consumer is choosing plastic dinner service, should choose to did not decorate design or design to be absent the product of tableware wall, and do not want be bought and use the dinner service that has taste.

Stainless steel tableware uses good to sell the product of famous brand enterprise when normal bazaar, accord with wholesome index commonly. But, if stainless steel tableware is used undeserved, can endanger human body health. Tableware of use stainless steel is cooked and when food of Cheng Fang children, should notice the following: 1. Cannot fill for long put boiling water of salt, soy, food to wait, because a lot of electrolyte are contained in these food, long Cheng Fang, stainless steel and electrolyte have reaction, make poisonous tantalum is dissolved to come out. 2. Cannot suffer with stainless steel household utensils Chinese traditional medicine, the part such as a lot of alkaloid, organic acid is contained in Chinese traditional medicine, chemical reaction produces to it after heating and make medicaments invalidation, make the compound with certain bigger noxiousness even. 3. The chemical drug that do not use alkali sex or strong oxidisability if natrium of soda, bleaching powder, second chloric acid undertake catharsis.