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Light gas to provide go up again 5 % technology shuffles enter homebred period

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Last week, cherry snow president holds general manager Li Rongkun concurrently to express publicly first, because suffer the effect that raw material rises in price, light gas to provide an enterprise to be faced with generally at present rise in price pressure, light gas to provide a product to be able to rise in price recently 5% the left and right sides. 10 thousand with president Lu Chulong also supports this one view. This already was this year (2006) since June, light gas to provide a product the 2nd times to rise in price.

Technical innovation just is crucial
Last week, zhang Dong of director of association of Chinese hardware products stands attending cherry snow group to be tasted newly announce on the news briefing, cherry snow " automatic double attune " water heater burning gas, because was used " water, gas is automatic double attune " , " ration turns on the water " , " safety is restricted lukewarm " wait for a technology, solved " water heater burning gas is automatic double attune induction " technology, fill the technology that home lights gas to have an industry is blank.
Li Rongkun expresses, china lights gas to provide enter truly " whole intelligence " times. He at the same time calm bear, as cupreous price and rolled steel price all the way hurricane, light gas to provide a product to be able to raise price again recently, "Estimation goes up in 5% the left and right sides " . And June, 10 thousand and, 10 thousand happy, China emperor are already collective had gone up valence.
10 thousand with president Lu Chulong also says, light gas to if do not undertake rising in price reasonably,be provided, predict whole industry will be affected badly.

Light gas to provide enter homebred period
"But if do not have technical remove from office to enhance those who light gas provide newly,contain Troy, the company is pure depreciate even if commit suicide, pure rise in price even if from incomplete, so, light gas to provide making price war again is entire industry go bankrupt, only technical innovation just is only outlet. " Li Rongkun tells a reporter.
Occupy Li Rongkun to divulge, cherry snow will begin to produce condensation type water heater in November this year, and condensation type water heater is 10 thousand and look after the house happily with 10 thousand technology, this says bright phearl triangle lights gas to provide an enterprise to had begun to embrace a group, with technical cooperation resistance comes from long triangle to light gas to have the pressure of the enterprise.
Before this, because light gas to provide cost to soare,cause entire industry gain considerably atrophic, many foreign brands explode in succession piece " fade out of market of Chinese small home appliance " message, a lot of domestic and international large omnibus brands have large-scale the talk that cancels city. Zhang Dong stands divulge, this year, the low manufacturer that our country lights gas to provide an industry to have 80% is faced with below heavy raw material pressure go bankrupt or change the line of production the crisis, the industry enters a technology to shuffle level, light gas to provide the market to entering card of home made product " professional times " .
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