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Pressure cooker loves " most into housewife " kitchen utensils and appliances

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Be worth day of stivy heat now " a spell of hot weather after the Beginning of Autumn " seasonal, of save trouble of a few graphs housewife begin to learn to remove Cantonese, use the Bao soup, cooking means that steams dish waiting for another name for Guangdong Province to make all sorts of cooked food. To save cooking time, housewife people go heating up the pressure cooker that buys all sorts of norms and function to bazaar, cause the market sale situation of pressure cooker is valued apparently now.

Yesterday, the reporter is in Nanjing the bar of kitchen utensils and appliances of a few bazaar sees new market opening, orderly ground puts the pressure cooker of all sorts of norms and type to go up in bar, offer customers choose and buy. To attract a customer, the salesperson still puts pressure cooker on electromagnetism furnace, in spot Bao sirlon, steamed fish. The salesperson puts sirlon into the pressure cooker of Cheng Youshui, condiment, bao of the fire that use flourishing is boiled. Give out when pressure cooker " Zhi Zhi " noise, after eduction vapour, salesperson immediately moves low kitchen to have fire, heat again to pressure cooker 15, 20 minutes or so, the Bao sirlon with one reeky, appetizing boiler is good with respect to cook.

The reporter discovers in interview, the housewife that buys pressure cooker is much with 30, 50 years old housewife give priority to, they think, pressure cooker can be inside short time make delicate food, go to the lavatory already save worry, get those " be afraid of a trouble " housewife people reputably. Resemble double happiness pressure cooker, evaporate 4 eggs, want the left and right sides 3 minutes only; Evaporate fish wants only 2, 3 minutes; The sweet potato that boil wants only 8, 10 minutes. The food that still can wait for chop of braise in soy sauce to be thoroughlied cook not easily is burned softly goluptious, connect bone to be able to eat even. To 3 common home, steam with pressure cooker, Bao soup, want the left and right sides 20 minutes only, can make 3 on two food, saved time already, relieved the lampblack when the fried dish and roast pain again, the housewife that gives gens going to work people bring very big advantage.

Origin: Responsibility of Yangtse Evening Post edits: Cheng Nan