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Coffeepot " make help " happy tableware becomes fashionable gift

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Civilian it is a day in order to feed, tableware business also is contacted together with daily expense all the time from this, but the gift industry in exquisite brand and class, tableware fails to open a phase from beginning to end however. " daily economy news " understanding arrives yesterday, the happy tableware of infuse vogue element was recently in gift course of study rapid popularity rises.

The lemon-squeezer that the coffee spoon of baby face, meeting sings, makeup that can burst out laughing the box, these design distinctive happy dinner service, can satisfy the need of daily life not only, return bearing the urbanite of enormous pressure brings joy. The Shanghai new fall forward of management gift business comes Yan Rong of general manager of trade limited company tells a reporter, his company runs happy dinner service just a few months, outstanding achievement already held total 10% the left and right sides, the growth rate of these a few months achieves 20%-30% .
Yan Rong says, the design characteristic of happy tableware lets easily life sends an imagination and bring good intention feeling, because this is in,formal business affairs circumstance suffers gravity to look at in person quite, echo of market of business affairs gift is very good. Happy tableware is in two years ago Guangzhou head shows, already flowed to leave all right in Shanghai at present. Breed is increasing also, for instance " can sing the belle juicer of " , meeting calls " to help greatly, iron me dead the boss coffeepot of " , can the mat of big head cup of " of music of country of " performance United States, special attract consumer eyeball. As the development of happy tableware, home also begins to appear manufacturer of many happy tableware, main concentration is in Zhejiang always health the city that waits for hardware industry to develop.
As we have learned, at present the production on the market sells the coffee spoon that more is fork of smiling face fruit and baby face to wait, every product trade price is controlled in 4 yuan, the price and profit all are shown glide apparently. Yan Rong says, the competition that does not have foreword makes home is short of break powerful brand firm, be in especially small commodities market. In the market that mimic runs amuck, these new products did not gain ground to consume terminal toward contact already die out, of a lot of new products live period have a few months only, photograph of severe Rong hope