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95 exit occupy burgeoning kitchen utensils and appliances Euramerican market hal

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Government of burgeoning county people will hold a press conference to announce in Guangzhou on June 28: 2005 year message communicates industry of countrywide cooking utensils meeting and China (burgeoning) exposition of stainless steel industry will in July 14-16 day promotes a county to hold in Yun Fuxin, the ginseng of enterprise of many 130 dimensions that comes from relevant industry of country and the our country such as the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Spain at the appointed time is met. This second congress promotes central institute by Chinese productivity, chamber of commerce of hardware of Chinese business association, committee of experts of industry of Chinese cooking utensils is sponsorred jointly, government of burgeoning county people undertakes. At the appointed time, the expert of industry of goods of large quantities of one domestic and international stainless steel, cooking utensils, famous manufacturer home, travelling merchant will gather burgeoning, bring the information with newest international market, technology and commercial prices; In the meantime, the production of the relevant industry such as domestic and international hardware, cooking utensils, mechanical, raw material, coating, abrasive, production manufacturer plays fair, reveal the new technology on this industry international, new technology, new product and new facility. On this exposition, a batch go up newly the project makes an appointment with the autograph. Burgeoning: Kitchen utensils and appliances of the throughout the country's biggest stainless steel eat is produced and export base
Burgeoning county is " the countryside of kitchen utensils and appliances of Chinese stainless steel eat " , it is production of the throughout the country's biggest kitchen utensils and appliances of stainless steel eat and exit base. Manufacturing industry of kitchen utensils and appliances of stainless steel eat already made one of pillar industries of burgeoning county. Current, entire county shares manufacturer home many 30, manufacturer of form a complete set many 30. Last year, this county stainless steel production value of eat kitchen utensils and appliances 3.8 billion yuan, exit is worth 190 million dollar, 95% above export the product, 45% what export a quantity to occupy Guangdong to save, in Euramerican market have rate amount to 50% . Current, be in 35 burgeoning not in embroider steel industry, annual produce exceeds 100 million yuan have 10, those who exceed 500 million yuan have 3, major company passed ISO9001: The attestation of authority of multinomial international standard such as 2000 edition, obtained multinomial country patent at the same time.