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What human nature changes metals kitchen utensils and appliances to make the mar

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In recent years sale of market of Chinese kitchen utensils and appliances rises with the speed of 35% , sale can achieve nearly 10 billion yuan every year, domestic kitchen utensils and appliances produces an enterprise to had increased many all-time 1000, industry of kitchen utensils and appliances is faced with an industry to develop the situation with competitive aggravate quickly. And the happy brand of German humble be an official that Guangzhou market just enters 4 years ago, already became high-grade boiler to provide the pronoun of kitchen utensils and appliances. For this, manager of division of happy Asia-Pacific of phenanthrene be an official and Lv Duicheng of Chinese division manager disclosed the growing secret Ji with phenanthrene happy be an official external.

Add fashionable element ceaselessly
Lv Duicheng thinks, market of whole kitchen utensils and appliances is restricted in the condition such as force of technical level, productivity, brand below, the product quality in the market is uneven, situation of industry battle royal is serious. Below this kind of circumstance, phenanthrene Shi Le was used " fan out from point to area, key is broken through " the market is politic.
It is above all roll out sale network in the round in city of Chinese a gleam of, traverse city of a gleam of " dot " those who drive whole area " face " go up sale. In the meantime, in choice of key of city of a gleam of a few stream of people measure the terminal with big, high-grade fixed position to sell do figure shop, highlight the figure that boiler of happy top class kitchen has phenanthrene be an official. Current, of the main city of major area of China in the sign that market of high-grade general merchandise can see phenanthrene be an official is happy.
It is ceaseless in traditional brand next add fashionable element. Phenanthrene Shi Le should be held every year in city of a gleam of " kitchen Show " or " vogue is beautiful " activity, have according to pot the different distinguishing feature of series, with the means of originality, possess bowl make perfect tie with dress modelling.
Occupy Lv Duicheng to divulge, the meeting inside year will send Le Zaiming of phenanthrene be an official market of power second line, also meet at the same time these fashionable elements continuance goes down, bring the cook concept of fashionable health for consumer.
Lv Duicheng points out, competition of market of prospective kitchen utensils and appliances will be more intense, whole industry arrived the phase of reshuffle. In the new standard of kitchen utensils and appliances that is about to carry out, wait to the energy-saving, environmental protection of kitchen utensils and appliances, security raised taller requirement, drive up industry doorsill, its purpose is to guide an enterprise to make professional brand, of new standard carry out, this will be helpful for happy like phenanthrene be an official company undoubtedly such company that has capacity of research and development is occupational larger market share.
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