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Ovation of children kitchen utensils and appliances

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Japan is arisen in recent years kitchen Yo. Because Japanese parent thinks, did housework to represent a person's basiccest viability, and, this also is promotional domesticity appeal, build children the foundation of human relation. Accordingly, look the kitchen with dangerous and great, unfavorable cheeper, had become Japanese mom to foster the child's base area.

Mother voice is caused " kitchen Yo "

Kitchen Yo begin, result from the cry of mom. Be in Japan, mom basically is in charge of making housework and tape child. When mom cooks, the child that likes sticky person is automatical with respect to follow-up kitchen, and think curiously feel this, see that. Can put the kitchen of kitchen knife, shears, let Mom really
Mom are anxious, but have no alternative.

They are to allow a child to open cupboard door first, and will most below one case rise high into the air, put into the child's toy, the appearance that then children are learning mom overjoyedly is put into take out, be full of interest. But gradually, they are not satisfied at just playing beside cupboard, and think what cut course towards mom to stand for war more a push forward. This makes the kitchenware that mom begin to appeal production is more safe strongly, suit the article emerge as the times require that children uses then.

The kitchen became Yo place

Children cuisine things not only small, and special safety. For instance, the blade of children kitchen knife the back of a knife blade as common kitchen knife, can let child learning cut the article of a few softness, if boil good egg, potato, carrot,wait.

After having these stage property, the kitchen became mom and the place that the child learns and communicate. Gradually, mom discovery, actually even if does not buy children appliance, can undertake kitchen Yo completely also. For instance, let child trim vegetable for cooking at the beginning, wash dish (if be afraid that lane is sordid, mom can be helped do together) , kitchen knife is too dangerous, knife of usable Western-style food or the knife that cut cake will replace. Of course, during this, adult must pay close attention to their movement closely, can allow to be developed by child freedom when trim vegetable for cooking, but when using knife and scissors, must raise vigilance, in case the child gets hurt.

Kitchen Yo can foster children not only start work ability, more important is to foster a kind of upbeat life mood. Ms. Shi Fushan points out the nutrition of Japanese arrange school, good to eat and elaborate cook, can let person nurturance a kind active up life manner. Accordingly, japanese society is right this very praise highly.
Current, not only very much market begins to sell children kitchenware, many places still were held " close child arrange contest " , taking a child to attend by a parent, who makes the game fast good, this indeed test close child of the tacit understanding between and child start work ability.
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