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Change of new product of industry of kitchen utensils and appliances goes not to

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Because iron bowl heat conduction spends moderate, and the iron element content in can raising food, become consequently came 100000 one of cooking utensils of compatriots first selection, however meanwhile, the heel of Achilles that iron bowl rusts easily also is perplexing people all the time, recently, this one historic difficult problem eventually by breach. Su Bo Er announces its design development by oneself " exceed controlled micro crystallization not to become rusty iron bowl " pass material of national iron and steel successfully to test iron and steel of center, nation the authoritative test of lab of tribology of university of product quality supervisory center, Tsinghua is approbated.
Consumer is right " vogue is healthy " rise cognitively, innovation of a technology already was in market of domestic kitchen utensils and appliances sadly arisen. Hopeful is brought new " GB " according to director of association of Chinese hardware products Zhang Dong establishs the introduction, iron bowl has 2000 old use histories in China, because the heat conduction of iron bowl spends moderate, be united in wedlock easily in cooking with acidity content, make the iron element content in food increases 10 times, promote haemal new student to achieve the goal that enrich the blood thereby, consequently World Health Organization recommends use iron bowl all the time, aggrandizement stir-fries through iron carrier.
In our country home, most consumer is right iron bowl " filling iron " benefit is very clear-cut, but in daily life, the problem place that people often can be rusted easily by iron bowl is perplexed, abandan iron bowl thereby, turn and use alloy boiler, do not paste the product such as boiler. Iron bowl gives birth to the technical bottleneck that rust becomes cooking utensils industry to cannot be broken through all the time easily. Nevertheless, su Bo Er rolls out his to design development by oneself " exceed controlled micro crystallization not to become rusty iron bowl " , said to break through iron bowl to give birth to technical bottleneck of rust easily. To this new technology, the Zhang Tianfu of technical vise general manager of Su Bo Er introduces, as a result of before still do not have " do not become rusty iron bowl " this concept, consequently all detecting pledge according to material the standard undertakes. Zhang Dong establishs those who confirmed Zhang Tianfu view, if,say " do not become rusty iron bowl " after undergoing market test, card makes clear product of solid excel tradition, hardware products association adds unified exam Lv do not become rusty mark of check of iron bowl country is accurate.
Carry again " especially rich dragon " incident
In market of kitchen utensils and appliances, expose to the sun before New Year go out " especially rich dragon " incident Ceng Hong is moved temporarily, although later national quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau announces, in basically using what especially rich Long Tu expects what sell on the market not to paste boiler product, all not check gives PFOA(complete fluorine miserable ammonium and its salt kind) remain, clarified " especially rich dragon " the contains carcinogenic substance possibly pass on a message in series product.
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